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Updated:Tuesday 9th June 2009

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Fifth Qajar King (March, 24, 1853 - Jan, 7, 1907) born in Tehran as Mozaffar Mirza was the son of Naseroddin Shah and Shokouhossaltaneh. He became Crown Prince at the age of 5 and was sent to Azerbaijan where he stayed for 40 years until Naseroddin Shah's assassination after which he came to Tehran and was crowned. He ruled between the years 1896 and 1907. Like his father he visited Europe three times. During these periods, on the encouragements of his chancellor Aminossoltan , he borrowed money from Nicholas II of Russia to pay for his extravagant traveling expenses. During his first visit he was introduced to the "cinematographe" in Paris, France. Immediately falling in love with the silver screen the Shah ordered his personal photographer to acquire all the equipment and knowledge needed to bring the moving picture to Iran, thus starting Iranian Cinema. He is credited with the creation of the Iranian constitution, but he was not in good health when signing the Constitutional Monarchy into law 10 days after which he died. The Persian Constitutional Revolution which took place immediately after his death. He was buried in Karbala.In order to manage the costs of the state and his extravagant personal lifestyle Mozzafaroddin Shah was forced to sign many concessions, providing foreigners with monopolistic control of various Iranian industries and markets. One example is the infamous D'Arcy Oil Concession.

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