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Mehran Definition

Mehran is a Persian name meaning attributed to the Mehr or goddess of the sun. Also Shahrestan-e-Mehran is a county in the Ilam Province of Iran. (Wikipedia) - Mehran

Mehran (Persian: مهران‎) is derived from the term "Mehr", or Mithra, a pre-Islamic ancient Persian deity.

Mehran may refer to:

  • Mehran, a male/female name in Persian, also some female counterparts are Mehrdokht, Mehrandokht and Mehraneh
  • Mehran, the Persian word for kindness- (مهرباران) rain of kindness
  • Mehran, a character in the Shahnama
  • Mehran (district), a neighborhood of northern Tehran, capital of Iran
  • Mehran, Alborz, a village in Alborz Province in Iran
  • Mehran, Ilam, a city in Ilam Province, Iran
  • Mehran, Mazandaran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • Mehran County, an administrative subdivision of Iran
  • Mehran Rural District, an administrative subdivision of Iran
  • Mehran, a name for Sindh province in Pakistan
  • Mehran, an alternative name for lower Indus Valley in Pakistan
  • PNS Mehran, a naval base in Pakistan
  • Gulshan-e-Mehran, a suburb of Karachi, Pakistan
  • Mehran River, in Hormozgan Province, Iran
  • Mehran River, another name for the Komur River, a tributary of the Aji Chai in Iran
  • Mehran River, a local name for the Indus River in Sindh, Pakistan
  • Mehran University, an Engineering and Technology University located in Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Mehran (magazine), Pakistan
  • Mehran TV, Pakistan
  • Suzuki Mehran, a small car manufactured and marketed by Suzuki in Pakistan
  • Hotel Mehran, Karachi, Pakistan
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