List of Iranian Field Marshals

فهرست فرماندگان کل قوا در ایران

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The following individuals held the rank of field marshal in Iran (Persia).

  • HH Prince Husain Quli Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu (1742–1831)
  • HH Prince Ja''afar Quli Khan-e Khajar Quyunlu (1751–1790)
  • HH Amir Muhammad Qasim Khan-e Qajar Quyunlu (d. 1831)
  • HIH Crown Prince Abbas Mirza (1789–1833)
  • HIH Prince Hasan Ali Mirza (1789–1853)
  • HIH Prince Ali Shah Mirza (1796–1854)
  • HIM Fath-Ali Shah Qajar (1797–1834)
  • HIH Prince Kaikhusru Mirza (1809–1857)
  • HIH Prince Bahman Mirza Qajar (1811–1884)
  • HIH Prince Sultan Masud Mirza (1850–1918)
  • 1899 - HRH Prince Vajihullah Mirza (1854–1905)
  • HIH Prince Kamran Mirza (1856–1927)
  • HIH Prince Abul Husain Mirza (1858–1939)
  • 1921 - Rezā Khan (later HIM Rezā Shāh Pahlavī) (1878–1944)
  • HIM Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī (1919–1980)
  • HH Amir Mirza Muhammad Khan-e Qajar Devehlu
  • HSH Mirza Muhammad Taqi Khan-e Farahani
  • Agha Vali Khan
  • HSH Mirza Hosein Khan Qazvini
  • Mirza Muhammad Bakir Khan
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