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Lexington Definition

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Lexington may refer to:

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  • 2 Places formerly called Lexington
  • 3 Ships
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In the United States:

  • Lexington, Kentucky, the largest ''Lexington''
  • Lexington, Massachusetts, the oldest ''Lexington''
    • Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War
  • Lexington, Alabama
  • Lexington, Georgia
  • Lexington, Illinois
  • Lexington, Indiana
  • Lexington, Carroll County, Indiana
  • Lexington, Kansas
  • Lexington, Maine
  • Lexington, Michigan
  • Lexington, Minnesota
  • Lexington, Mississippi
  • Lexington, Missouri
  • Lexington, Nebraska
  • Lexington, New York
  • Lexington, North Carolina
  • Lexington, Ohio
  • Lexington, Oklahoma
  • Lexington, Oregon
  • Lexington, South Carolina
    • Lexington County, South Carolina
  • Lexington, Tennessee
  • Lexington, Texas
  • Lexington, Virginia
  • Lexington (plantation), Virginia
  • Lexington Avenue (Manhattan), a street in New York City
Places formerly called Lexington Ships
  • Lexington-class aircraft carrier, the first operational aircraft carrier class in the United States Navy
  • Steamship Lexington, which burned and sank off the coast of Long Island in 1840
  • USS Lexington, the name of various United States Navy ships
  • USS Lexington II (SP-705), a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1918
Other uses
  • Lexington (automobile), an early automobile
  • Lexington (horse), a 19th-century champion racehorse
  • Lexington Partners, a private equity firm
  • Lexington Queen, a dance club in Tokyo
  • Lexington Steele, pornographic actor
  • The Lexington, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Polk County, Iowa
  • Lexington, the codename of an Intel Atom processor launched in 2013

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