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Kish Definition

Touristic Island in Persian Gulf (Wikipedia) - Kish

Kish may refer to:

  • Kish Island, an Iranian island and a city in the Persian Gulf
  • Kish, Iran, a city on Kish Island
  • Kish District, an administrative subdivision of Iran
  • Kish Rural District, an administrative subdivision of Iran
  • Kish (Sumer), an ancient city in Sumer, now in Iraq
  • Kish Bank, a shallow sandbank off the coast of Dublin
  • Kiş, Khojavend, Azerbaijan
  • Kiş, Shaki, Azerbaijan, location of the Church of Kish
  • Shahr-i Sabz in Uzbekistan, whose early medieval name was "Kish"
  • Kish (Bible), a person in the Bible
  • Ben Kish, an American football player
  • George Kish, a cartographer
  • Joseph Kish, an American set decorator
  • Leslie Kish, a statistician
  • Kish (rapper), a Canadian hip hop musician
  • Kish, a figure in the Book of Mormon
  • Church of Kish, a church in the village of Kish, Azerbaijan
  • Kish, a byproduct in steelmaking, used to synthesize graphite
  • Kish (Tokyo Mew Mew), an antagonist in the manga and anime series Tokyo Mew Mew
  • Kish Air, an Iranian airline
  • KISH, a radio station in Guam
  • Kish Gas Field, a giant gas field close to Kish Island in the Persian Gulf
  • Kish grid, a sampling methodology
  • Kish Khodro, Iranian auto manufacturer
  • Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis, fictional characters from the American soap opera One Life to Live

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