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Khorshid Definition

Khorshid means sun in Persian (Wikipedia) - Khorshid Khorshīd

Khorshīd or Khorshēd (Persian: خورشید‎, meaning the Sun or the "Radiant Sun"), also spelled as Khurshed and Khurshid, is a Persian given name. In the modern Iran, it is mostly used as a given name for girls, but in Central Asia and South Asia, it is mostly a given name for boys. The origin of the word is related to the Avestan divinity Hvare-khshaeta.

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  • Khurshid of Tabaristan (died 761), last Dabuyid ruler of Tabaristan
  • Khurshid of Dailam (died 865), an Justanid king
  • Hurshid Pasha (died 1822), Ottoman general and Grand Vizier
  • Khurshed Alam Khan (born 1919), Indian Congress Party senior leader
  • Khurshed Mahmudov (born 1982), Tajikistani footballer
  • Khurshed Nariman, Mayor of Mumbai (1935-1936)
  • Khursheed Bano (1914–2001), pioneer of the Indian cinema
  • Khurshid Ahmad (disambiguation)
  • Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri (born 1941), Pakistani politician and diplomat
  • Khurshid Rizvi (born 1942)
  • Salman Khurshid (born 1953), Indian Congress Party politician
  • Khorshid, Iran (disambiguation)

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