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Khanate, or Chanat, is a Turco-Mongolian-originated word used to describe a political entity ruled by a Khan. (Wikipedia) - Khanate For other uses, see Khanate (disambiguation).
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Khanate, or Khaganate, is a Turkish-Mongolian-originated word used to describe a political entity ruled by a Khan or Khagan. In modern Turkish, the word used is kağanlık or hanlık and in modern Azeri of the republic of Azerbaijan, xanlıq. In Mongolian the word khanlig is used, as in "Khereidiin Khanlig" meaning the Khanate of the Kerait. This political entity is typical for people from the Eurasian Steppe and it can be equivalent to tribal chiefdom, principality, kingdom or even empire.

  • 1 Turkic khanates
  • 2 Mongol khanates
  • 3 Tatar and Central Asian Turkic khanates
  • 4 18th to early 19th century Khanates of the Caucasus in the Qajar empire
  • 5 Khanates in Iran of the Qajar period
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Turkic khanates
  • Göktürk Khaganate
  • Western Turkic Khaganate
  • Eurasian Avars Khaganate
  • Uyghur Khaganate
  • Kara-Khanid Khanate
  • Khazar Khaganate
  • Turgesh Khaganate
  • Naiman Khanate
  • Kerei Khanate
  • Kipchak Khanate
Mongol khanates

When Genghis Khan established appanages for his family in the Mongolian Empire during his reign, his sons, daughters, and grandsons inherited several sections of the empire. Later Mongolian khanates emerged from those appanages as follows:

  • Khanate of Kipchak (Golden Horde)
  • Khanate of Chaghadai
  • Khanate of Persia
  • Khanate of the Great Khan
    • Mongolian Qaghanate (sometimes known as Northern Yuan) based in Mongolia.

The Oirats established the following khanates in the 17th century:

  • Khoshut Khanate
  • the Kalmyk Khanate (established c.1632 by the Torghut branch of the Mongolian Oirats, settled along the lower Volga River (in modern Russia and Kazakhstan)
  • Zunghar Khanate Khanate formed in 1626, covering Xinjiang region of China, Kyrgyzstan, eastern Kazakhstan and western Mongolia; 2 December 1717 - 1720 also styled Protector of Tibet; 1755 tributary to the Manchu-Qing Dynasty, 1756 annexed and dissolved in 1758.
Tatar and Central Asian Turkic khanates
  • Kazakh khanate
  • Khanate of Kazan (Mongol term khan became active since Genghizide dynasty was settled in Kazan Duchy in 1430s; imperial Russian added to its titles the former Kazan khanate with the royal style tsar.
  • Sibirean Khanate (giving its name to Siberia as the first significant conquest during Russia''s great eastern expansion across the Ural range)
  • Astrakhan Khanate
  • Crimean Khanate
  • the Qasim Khanate (hence modern Kasimov), named after its founder, a vassal of Moscovia/Russia
  • the nomadic state founded in 1801 as the Inner Horde (also called Buqei Horde, under Russian suzerainty) between Volga and Yaik (Ural) rivers by 5,000 families of Kazakhs from Younger Kazakh Zhuz tribe under a Sultan was restyled by the same in 1812 as Khanate of the Inner Horde; in 1845 the post of Khan was abolished);
  • Nogai Khanate
  • the khanate of Tuva near Outer Mongolia.
  • Besh Tau El
  • Khanate of Kashgaria founded in 1514 as part of Djagataide Khanate;

17th century divided into several minor khanates without importance, real power going to the so-called Khwaja, Arabic Islamic religious leaders; title changed to Amir Khan in 1873, annexed by China in 1877.

  • Kumul Khanate- vassal state to Qing dynasty and Republic of China, abolished in 1930.
18th to early 19th century Khanates of the Caucasus in the Qajar empire
  • Baku Khanate
  • Ganja Khanate
  • Quba Khanate
  • Derbent Khanate
  • Shaki Khanate
  • Erivan Khanate
  • Karabakh Khanate
  • Javad Khanate
  • Lankaran Khanate
  • Shirvan Khanate
  • Nakhchivan Khanate
Khanates in Iran of the Qajar period

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