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Kan or KAN may refer to:

  • Iwasawa decomposition (KAN) a mathematical process dealing with Lie groups
  • Club of Committed Non-Party Members (KAN), a tiny liberal party in the Czech Republic
  • Kan variation of the Sicilian Defence, a chess opening
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Places People
  • Kan (surname)
  • One of the Bacabs of Mayan mythology
  • Shimozawa Kan
  • Kan (musician), Japanese singer-songwriter
  • "Kan" (song), the Israeli entry at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest
  • Kanye West
  • KAN, folk supergroup from various parts of the British Isles, including Brian Finnegan and Aidan O''Rourke
  • Kan-swar, a linking note (grace note) in Indian classical music
Weights and measures
  • Catty, or kan (斤), a Chinese unit of weight equal to 16 tael
  • A Japanese unit of mass, equal to 1,000 momme (kan (貫) or kanme (貫目))

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