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(Wikipedia) - Iranian national heroes have got a wide range in Iranian culture and literature. They have also a chronological variety from pre-isam era to present time. including: Abu Muslim Khorasani, Liberal activist against Umayyad dynasty. Rostam, the mailn character of Shahnameh Kaveh the Blacksmith, character from the Shahnameh Jamshid, One of the greatest kings of mythical Persia according to Shahnameh's account. Ya'qub bin Laith as-Saffar Arash the archer, a character in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh Mirza Kuchak Khan, Activist Bahram Chobin, One of the greatest Iran Spahbods Pourya-ye Vali,Iranian Pahlevan Nader shah, Shah of Iran during Afsharid dynasty Amir Kabir, the prime minister of Qajar dynasty Sattar khan and Baqer khan, two famous people influecing in Mashrooteh Cyrus the Great, Shah of Iran Gholamreza Takhti, Iranian Wrestler Surena, Parthian Commander Darius the Great, Shah of Iran during Achaemenid dynasty Babak Khorramdin, Iranian Activist againd Abbasid Caliphate Ariobarzan, Persian Satrap Lotf Ali Khan Zand, Shah of Iran during Zand dynasty Shah Abbas, Shah of Iran]during Safavid dynasty Maziar, Tabari Protester against Arabs Hassan Sabah, The Old man of the mountains

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