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Informatics Definition

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Informatics is separate and distinct from Informetrics.

The term Informatics is used in the following areas:

  • Informatics (academic field), a broad academic field encompassing computing technologies and development in their diverse relations to the human and social worlds, including applications in science, social problems, and the arts
  • Computing, any goal-oriented activity requiring, benefiting from, or creating computers.
  • Computer science, the theoretical study of algorithms, information and computation.
  • Information science, the interdisciplinary study of the processing, management, and retrieval of information
  • Informatics engineering
  • Information technology, the study, design, development, implementation, support, or management of computer-based information systems
    • Archival informatics
    • Bioinformatics
      • Bioimage informatics
    • Biodiversity informatics
    • Business informatics
    • Cheminformatics
    • Community informatics
    • Computational informatics
    • Development informatics
    • Disease informatics
    • Ecoinformatics
    • Education informatics
    • Engineering Informatics, an interdisciplinary field combining information technology (IT) and engineering concepts.
    • Environmental informatics
    • Evolutionary informatics
    • Forest informatics
    • Geoinformatics, an interdisciplinary field that uses information infrastructure to address the problems of geography and geosciences.
    • Health informatics
      • Consumer health informatics
      • Imaging informatics
      • Public health informatics
    • Hydroinformatics
    • Irrigation informatics
    • Laboratory informatics
    • Legal informatics
    • Materials informatics
    • Medical informatics
    • Music informatics
    • Neuroinformatics
    • Pervasive Informatics
    • Social informatics
    • Technical informatics
    • Translational research informatics
Other uses
  • Informatics Europe, association for European PhD granting computer and information science departments
  • Informatics (software company), a software company formed as a subsidiary of Dataproducts in 1962
  • Informatics, is a quarterly e-Governance publication from National Informatics Center
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