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Gallup Definition

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Gallup can refer to:

  • Gallup (company), a firm founded by George Gallup, well known for its opinion poll
  • Gallup International Association, polling organizations that was merged into WIN/GIA
  • Gallup, Kentucky
  • Gallup, New Mexico, city in New Mexico, United States
  • Gallup, South Dakota (see Three Toes of Harding County)
  • Albert Gallup (1796–1851), New York State politician
  • Alec Gallup (1928–2009), pollster, son of George Gallup
  • Annie Gallup, an American folk singer/songwriter
  • Barry Gallup, American football coach in the 1990s
  • Cliff Gallup (1930–1988), guitarist in Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps
  • David Gallup (1808–1882), Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut
  • Elizabeth Wells Gallup (1848–1934), American educator and scholar, claimed Bacon wrote Shakespeare''s plays
  • George Gallup (1901–1984), American pollster, founder of Gallup Organization
  • Gordon G. Gallup (born 1941), American psychologist, used mirrors to test for self-awareness in animals and young humans
  • Harvey A. Gallup (1869–?), Massachusetts State Senator
  • John Luke Gallup (born 1962), American economist
  • Simon Gallup (born 1960), British bass guitarist
  • USS Gallup, various ships of the US Navy
  • Gallup Glacier in Antarctica

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