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Franciszek Definition

(Wikipedia) - Franciszek Not to be confused with František.

Franciszek is a masculine given name of Polish origin. It is a cognate of Francis, Francisco, François, and Franz. People with the name include:

  • Edward Pfeiffer (Franciszek Edward Pfeiffer) (1895–1964), Polish general officer; recipient of the Order of Virtuti Militari
  • Franciszek Alter (1889–1945), Polish general officer during WWII
  • Franciszek and Magdalena Banasiewicz (fl. mid-20th century), Polish couple who hid and rescued 15 Jews during the Holocaust
  • Franciszek Antoni Kwilecki (1725–1794), Polish nobleman, statesman, and ambassador
  • Franciszek Armiński (1789–1848), Polish astronomer
  • Franciszek Bieliński (1683–1766), Polish politician and statesman
  • Franciszek Blachnicki (1921–1987), Polish man who started The Light-Life Movement (Światło-Zycie) as a Catholic association
  • Franciszek Błażej (1907–1951), Polish military officer and anticommunist resistance fighter
  • Franciszek Bohomolec (1720–1784), Polish dramatist, linguist, and theatrical reformer
  • Franciszek Bronikowski (1906–1964), Polish Olympic rower
  • Franciszek Bukaty (1747–1797), Polish diplomat
  • Franciszek Cebulak (1906–1960), Polish Olympic football (soccer) player
  • Franciszek Chalupka (1856–1909), Polish theologian; founder of the first Polish-American parishes in New England
  • Franciszek Czapek (1811–unknown), Czech-Polish watchmaker
  • Franciszek Dionizy Kniaźnin (1750–1807), Polish poet of the Enlightenment period
  • Franciszek Dobrowolski (1830–1896), Polish theater director
  • Franciszek Ferdynant Lubomirski (1710–1774), Polish nobleman and Knight of the Order of the White Eagle
  • Franciszek Fiszer (1860–1937), Polish bon vivant, gourmand, erudite, and philosopher
  • Franciszek Gągor (1951-2010), Polish general officer, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army since 2006
  • Franciszek Gajowniczek (1901–1995), Polish army sergeant whose life was spared when Saint Maximilian Kolbe sacrificed his life for Gajowniczek at Auschwitz
  • Franciszek Gąsienica Groń (born 1931), Polish Olympic skier
  • Franciszek Gąsior (born 1947), Polish Olympic handball player
  • Franciszek Grocholski (1730–1792), Polish nobleman and politician
  • Franciszek Gruszka (1910–1940), Polish aviator who flew with the RAF during the Battle of Britain
  • Franciszek Hodur (1866–1953), Polish prelate of the Polish National Catholic Church
  • Franciszek Jamroż (contemporary), Polish politician, former Mayor of Gdańsk; imprisoned for corruption and bribery
  • Franciszek Jarecki (born 1931), Polish Air Force aviator who defected to the West with a MIG-15 in 1953
  • Franciszek Jerzy Jaskulski (1913–1947), Polish soldier and commander in the anticommunist Freedom and Independence organization
  • Franciszek Kamieński (1851–1912), Polish botanist
  • Franciszek Kamiński (1902–2000), Polish general and activist of the peasant movement
  • Franciszek Kareu (1731–1802), Belarusian Jesuit priest; Superior General of the Society of Jesus 1801–02
  • Franciszek Karpiński (1741–1825), Polish poet of the Age of Enlightenment
  • Franciszek Karwowski (1895–2005), Austria-Hungary World War I veteran
  • Franciszek Kasparek (1844–1903), Polish jurist, professor of law, and rector of Kraków University
  • Franciszek Kleeberg (1888–1941), Polish general officer in the Austro-Hungarian army and subsequently in the Polish Legions
  • Franciszek Kniaźnin (1750–1807), Polish dramatist and writer
  • Franciszek Kokot (born 1929), Polish nephrologist and endocrinologist
  • Franciszek Kostrzewski (1826–1911), Polish painter, illustrator, and caricaturist
  • Franciszek Krajowski (1861–1932), Czech-Polish military officer and general of the Polish Army
  • Franciszek Krupiński (1836–1898), Polish philosopher
  • Franciszek Ksawery Branicki (1730–1819), Polish nobleman, magnate, and a leader of the Targowica Confederation
  • Franciszek Ksawery Chomiński (died 1809), Polish politician, writer, and translator
  • Franciszek Ksawery Dmochowski (1762–1818), Polish Romantic novelist, poet, translator, and satirist
  • Franciszek Ksawery Drucki-Lubecki (1778–1846), Polish politician and government minister in partitioned Poland
  • Franciszek Ksawery Godebski (1801–1869), Polish writer and publicist
  • Franciszek Ksawery Lampi (1782–1852), Polish painter of the Romantic era
  • Franciszek Ksawery Zachariasiewicz (1770–1845), Polish Roman Catholic prelate, professor, and historian
  • Franciszek Latinik (1864–1949), Polish general officer
  • Franciszek Leja (1885–1979), Polish mathematician
  • Franciszek Lessel (1780–1838), Polish composer
  • Franciszek Lilius (1600–1657), Polish composer
  • Franciszek Lubomirski (died 1721), Polish nobleman
  • Franciszek Macharski (born 1927), Polish Roman Catholic cardinal; Archbishop of Kraków 1978–2005
  • Franciszek Maksymilian Ossoliński (1676–1756), Polish nobleman, politician, collector, and patron of arts
  • Franciszek Malewski (1800–1870), Polish lawyer, archivist, and journalist
  • Franciszek Misztal (1901–1981), Polish aircraft designer
  • Franciszek Niepokólczycki (1900–1974), Polish military officer and anticommunist resistance fighter; imprisoned under Stalin
  • Franciszek Nowicki (1864–1935), Polish poet, mountaineer, and socialist activist
  • Franciszek Pieczka (born 1928), Polish film and stage actor
  • Franciszek Piper (born 1941), Polish scholar, historian and author; specializing in the Holocaust
  • Franciszek Pius Radziwiłł (1878–1944), Polish nobleman and political activist
  • Franciszek Pokorny (fl. mid-20th century), Polish military officer and cryptographer
  • Franciszek Przysiężniak (1909–1975), Polish military officer and anticommunist resistance fighter; recipient of the Virtuti Militari
  • Franciszek Rychnowski (1850–1929), Polish engineer and an inventor
  • Franciszek Salezy Dmochowski (1801–1871), Polish writer, poet, translator, critic, and journalist
  • Franciszek Salezy Jezierski (1740–1791), Polish priest, writer, and activist of the Enlightenment period
  • Franciszek Salezy Potocki (1700–1772), Polish-Lithuanian nobleman; Knight of the Order of the White Eagle
  • Franciszek Sebastian Lubomirski (diet 1699), Polish nobleman
  • Franciszek Siarczyński (1758–1829), Polish Roman Catholic Piarist priest, historian, geographer, teacher, and writer
  • Franciszek Smuda (born 1948), Polish professional football player, coach, and manager
  • Franciszek Smuglewicz (1745–1807), Polish-Lithuanian draftsman and painter
  • Franciszek Starowieyski (1930–2009), Polish artist
  • Franciszek Stefaniuk (born 1944), Polish politician from Chełm
  • Franciszek Sulik (1908–2000), Polish-Australian chess master
  • Franciszek Szymczyk (1892–1976), Polish Olympic track cyclist
  • Franciszek Trąbalski (1870–1964), Polish socialist politician
  • Franciszek Trześniewski (died 1939), Polish gourmand and chef; eponym of the Trześniewski restaurant in Vienna
  • Franciszek Walicki (born 1921), Polish jazz and rock musician
  • Franciszek Wielopolski (died 1732), Polish nobleman
  • Franciszek Wład (1888–1939), Polish general officer killed during the German invasion of Poland
  • Franciszek Zabłocki (1754–1821), Polish comic dramatist and satirist of the Enlightenment period
  • Franciszek Zachara (1898–1966), Polish-American pianist and composer
  • Franciszek Żmurko (1859–1910), Polish painter
  • Franciszek Żwirko (1895–1932), Polish sport and military aviator
  • Ksawery Lubomirski (Franciszek Ksawery Lubomirski) (1747–1829), Polish nobleman and Russian general officer
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