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Football Federation Definition

(Wikipedia) - Football association   (Redirected from Football Federation) This article is about the term Football association. For the English Football Association, see The Football Association. For more detail on the sport, see Association football.

Football associations are the names given to many of association football governing bodies found throughout the world. Many of them are members of the sports regional bodies such as UEFA or CONMEBOL and the world governing body, FIFA. A small number have not yet applied for, or been granted entry to these higher bodies. Below is a list of football associations that have pages on Wikipedia.



Asian Football Confederation affiliated

Defunct Africa

Confederation of African Football affiliated

  • Algerian Football Federation
  • Federação Angolana de Futebol
  • Fédération Béninoise de Football
  • Botswana Football Association
  • Fédération Burkinabé de Football
  • Fédération de Football du Burundi
  • Fédération Camerounaise de Football
  • Federação Caboverdiana de Futebol
  • Fédération Centrafricaine de Football
  • Fédération Tchadienne de Football
  • Comoros Football Federation
  • Fédération Congolaise de Football
  • Fédération Congolaise de Football-Association
  • Fédération Djiboutienne de Football
  • Egyptian Football Association
  • Federación Ecuatoguineana de Fútbol
  • Eritrean National Football Federation
  • Ethiopian Football Federation
  • Fédération Gabonaise de Football
  • Gambia Football Association
  • Ghana Football Association
  • Fédération Guinéenne de Football
  • Federação de Futebol da Guiné-Bissau
  • Fédération Ivoirienne de Football
  • Football Kenya Federation
  • Lesotho Football Association
  • Liberia Football Association
  • Libyan Football Federation
  • Fédération Malagasy de Football
  • Football Association of Malawi
  • Mali Football Federation
  • Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania
  • Mauritius Football Association
  • Royal Moroccan Football Federation
  • Federação Moçambicana de Futebol
  • Namibia Football Association
  • Fédération Nigerienne de Football
  • Nigeria Football Federation
  • Ligue Réunionnaise de Football
  • Fédération Rwandaise de Football Association
  • Federação Santomense de Futebol
  • Fédération Sénégalaise de Football
  • Seychelles Football Federation
  • Sierra Leone Football Association
  • Somali Football Federation
  • South African Football Association
  • Sudan Football Association
  • South Sudan Football Association
  • National Football Association of Swaziland
  • Tanzania Football Federation
  • Fédération Togolaise de Football
  • Tunisian Football Federation
  • Federation of Uganda Football Associations
  • Football Association of Zambia
  • Zanzibar Football Association
  • Zimbabwe Football Association
North, Central America and Caribbean

Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football affiliated

North America

North American Football Union

Central America

Central American Football Union

  • Football Federation of Belize
  • Costa Rican Football Federation
  • Salvadoran Football Association
  • National Football Federation of Guatemala
  • National Autonomous Federation of Football of Honduras
  • Nicaraguan Football Federation
  • Panamanian Football Federation

Caribbean Football Union

  • Anguilla Football Association
  • Antigua and Barbuda Football Association
  • Aruba Football Federation
  • Bahamas Football Association
  • Barbados Football Association
  • Bermuda Football Association
  • Bonaire Football Federation
  • British Virgin Islands Football Association
  • Cayman Islands Football Association
  • Football Association of Cuba
  • Curaçao Football Federation
  • Dominica Football Association
  • Dominican Football Federation
  • Grenada Football Association
  • Guadeloupean League of Football
  • Guyana Football Federation
  • Ligue de Football de la Guyane
  • Haitian Football Federation
  • Jamaica Football Federation
  • Ligue de football de la Martinique
  • Montserrat Football Association
  • Puerto Rican Football Federation
  • St. Kitts and Nevis Football Association
  • Saint Lucia Football Association
  • Football Committee of Saint Martin
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation
  • Sint Maarten Soccer Association
  • Surinamese Football Association
  • Trinidad and Tobago Football Association
  • Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association
  • U.S. Virgin Islands Soccer Federation
Defunct South America

South American Football Confederation affiliated

  • Argentine Football Association
  • Bolivian Football Federation
  • Brazilian Football Confederation
  • Chilean Football Federation
  • Colombian Football Federation
  • Ecuadorian Football Federation
  • Paraguayan Football Association
  • Peruvian Football Federation
  • Uruguayan Football Association
  • Venezuelan Football Federation

Oceania Football Confederation affiliated

  • Football Federation American Samoa
  • Cook Islands Football Association
  • Fiji Football Association
  • Kiribati Islands Football Association
  • New Caledonian Football Federation
  • New Zealand Football
  • Papua New Guinea Football Association
  • Football Federation Samoa
  • Solomon Islands Football Federation
  • Tahitian Football Federation
  • Tonga Football Association
  • Tuvalu National Football Association
  • Vanuatu Football Federation

Union of European Football Associations affiliated

  • Albanian Football Association
  • Andorran Football Federation
  • Football Federation of Armenia
  • Austrian Football Association
  • Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan
  • Football Federation of Belarus
  • Royal Belgian Football Association
  • Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgarian Football Union
  • Croatian Football Federation
  • Cyprus Football Association
  • Football Association of the Czech Republic
  • Danish Football Association
  • The Football Association
  • Estonian Football Association
  • Faroe Islands Football Association
  • Football Association of Finland
  • French Football Federation
  • Georgian Football Federation
  • German Football Association
  • Gibraltar Football Association
  • Hellenic Football Federation
  • Hungarian Football Federation
  • Football Association of Iceland
  • Football Association of Ireland
  • Israel Football Association
  • Italian Football Federation
  • Football Federation of Kazakhstan
  • Latvian Football Federation
  • Liechtenstein Football Association
  • Lithuanian Football Federation
  • Luxembourg Football Federation
  • Football Federation of Macedonia
  • Malta Football Association
  • Football Association of Moldova
  • Football Association of Montenegro
  • Royal Dutch Football Association
  • Irish Football Association
  • Football Association of Norway
  • Polish Football Association
  • Portuguese Football Federation
  • Romanian Football Federation
  • Russian Football Union
  • San Marino Football Federation
  • Scottish Football Association
  • Football Association of Serbia
  • Slovak Football Association
  • Football Association of Slovenia
  • Royal Spanish Football Federation
  • Swedish Football Association
  • Swiss Football Association
  • Turkish Football Federation
  • Football Federation of Ukraine
  • Football Association of Wales
  • Deutscher Fußball-Verband der DDR (East Germany)
  • Saarländischer Fußballbund (Saarland)
  • Football Association of Serbia and Montenegro
  • Football Federation of the Soviet Union
  • Football Association of Yugoslavia
  • ^ a b Associate member
  • ^ North American member but affiliated to CFU.
  • ^ Associate CONCACAF member, but not affiliated to FIFA.
  • ^ a b c d e Full CONCACAF member, but not affiliated to FIFA.
  • ^ a b c South American member but affiliated to CONCACAF and to CFU.
  • ^ Associate member, not a member of FIFA.
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