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Fars Definition

Fars aka Pars means Persian. The name is used in different contexts:Fars Province of IranFars News Agency (Wikipedia) - Fars

Fars, FARs or FARS may refer to:

  • Fars Province, a province in Iran
  • Fars (East Syrian Ecclesiastical Province), former ecclesiastical province in the Church of the East
  • Fars News Agency, an Iranian news agency
  • Persian language, locally called Farsi
  • The Fars, a newspaper based in Shiraz, Fars Province, first published in 1913
  • Fars (newspaper), based in Shiraz, Fars Province, first published in 1872
  • Fars River, a river in the Republic of Adygea, southwest Russia
  • Fatality Analysis Reporting System, a measure of traffic fatalities in the United States
  • Firefighter Air Replenishment System, an air replenishment system used by firefighters
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), the rules governing purchases made by the executive agencies of the U.S. government
  • Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), FAA regulations on aviation in the United States
  • Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Sahara (French: Forces armées révolutionnaires du Sahara), a Toubou rebel group in Niger
  • Federation of African Roller Sports, roller skating organization in Africa

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