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Dewan, Diwaan or Divan may refer to:

  • The Persian word Dêwân or Dîvân (دیوان), with a range of meanings:
    • Book
    • Divan, a high governmental body in many Islamic states
      • Divan-ı Hümayun, the government council of the Ottoman Empire
      • Diwan-khane, guest house of the tribal chieftain in the tribal Middle Eastern, Arab, Persian, or Kurdish society
      • Divan (Mughal architecture), type of audience hall in Mughal palaces
      • Diwan (title) (dewan or divan), a number of Middle Eastern titles used in various languages for high officials, especially of cabinet rank, or as a rank of high nobility in South Asia
        • List of Diwans of Mysore
        • Diwan Mohanlal, a Diwan of Siraj Ud Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal at Murshidabad
        • ad hoc Divan (Romanian history)
      • Chief Khalsa Diwan, a Sikh religious organization
    • West-Eastern Divan, youth orchestra uniting musicians from countries in the Middle East
    • Divan (furniture), a kind of couch
      • A box-spring or divan bed
    • Divan, traditional festival of the Bunjevci people in Hungary
  • Diwan, a Breton word, meaning "germination"
    • Diwan (school) is a federation of schools teaching in Breton language in Brittany
  • as a surname
    • Muneeb Diwan (born 1972), Canadian cricket player. He is a right-handed batsman.
    • Diwan Bahadur

Titles and proper names:

  • Diwan College of Management
  • Diwân, a 1998 album by Rachid Taha
  • Diwan 2, a 2006 album by Rachid Taha
  • Diwan (film), a 2003 Tamil film
  • Chicken Divan, a type of casserole

In popular culture:

  • Diwan, a secondary antagonist in the anime series Skyland

Code (law):

  • Diwan, a Tausug word, meaning "code of laws" based on Qur''an

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