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Division Definition

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Division or Divider may refer to:

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  • Division (mathematics), the inverse of multiplication
  • Division algorithm, a method for computing the result of mathematical division
  • Division, in relational algebra
  • Cell division, the process in which biological cells multiply
  • Division (horticulture), a method of vegetative plant propagation, or the plants created by using this method
  • Continental divide, the geographical term for separation between watersheds
  • Division, a biological classification for plants or fungi, equivalent to phylum
  • Administrative division, also known as a country subdivision
  • Census division, an official term in Canada and the United States
  • Diairesis, Plato''s method of definition by division
  • Division (business), of a business entity is a distinct part of that business but the primary business is legally responsible for all of the obligations and debts of the division
  • Division (country subdivision), a name for a subsidiary state or prefecture of a country
  • Division (sport), a group of teams in organised sport who compete for a divisional title
  • Division (military), a formation typically consisting of 10,000 to 20,000 troops
  • In parliamentary procedure:
    • Division of the assembly, to undertake a different voting method than the default
    • Division of a question, to split a question into two or more questions
  • Partition (politics), the process of changing national borders or separating political entities
  • Police division, a large territorial unit of the British police
  • Division (10 Years album), 2008
  • Division (The Gazette album), 2012
  • "Divisions", a song by August Burns Red
  • Division (music), a specific type of ornamentation
  • Division level, a metric level
  • Division viol, an English Renaissance instrument
  • Division, a grouping of pipe ranks in a pipe organ
  • "÷" or "Division", a song by Aly & AJ from Insomniatic
  • Division (CTA North Side Main Line station), a station on the Chicago Transit Authority''s North Side Main Line, which is now part of the Brown Line
  • Division (CTA station), a station on the Chicago Transit Authority''s ''L'' system, serving the Blue Line
  • Division Mountain
  • Division Range
Other uses
  • Beam compass or dividers
  • Divider caliper, a measuring tool
  • Divider, a central reservation in Bangladesh
  • Divisions of the field, a concept in heraldry
  • Division (military), a large military unit
  • Division (naval), a collection of naval units
  • Division (logical fallacy), when one reasons logically that something true of a thing must also be true of all or some of its parts

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