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Darband Definition

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Darband may refer to:


  • Darband, Afghanistan
  • Karmrakar, Armenia, formerly Darband
Iran East Azerbaijan Province
  • Darband, East Azerbaijan, a village in Hashtrud County
Gilan Province
  • Darband, Astara, a village in Astara County
  • Darband, Rudbar, a village in Rudbar County
  • Darband Cave, a Lower Paleolithic site
Hamadan Province
  • Darband, Hamadan, a village in Bahar County
Hormozgan Province
  • Darband Salah, a village in Bashagard County
Isfahan Province
  • Darband, Fereydunshahr, a village in Fereydunshahr County
  • Darband, Khvansar, a village in Khvansar County
  • Darband, Tiran and Karvan, a village in Tiran and Karvan County
Kermanshah Province
  • Darband Khizan, a village in Gilan-e Gharb County
  • Darband Zard, a village in Kermanshah County
  • Darband-e Dehowl, a village in Salas-e Babajani County
  • Darband-e Zard-e Olya, a village in Salas-e Babajani County
  • Darband-e Zard-e Sofla, a village in Salas-e Babajani County
  • Darband, Kermanshah, a village in Sonqor County
Khuzestan Province
  • Darband, Khuzestan, a village in Khorramshahr County, Khuzestan Province
Kurdistan Province
  • Darband, Kurdistan, a village in Divandarreh County
  • Darband-e Aziz, a village in Kamyaran County
Lorestan Province
  • Darband, Lorestan, a village in Azna County
  • Darband-e Kamalvand, a village in Khorramabad County
Markazi Province
  • Darband, Markazi, a village in Saveh County
  • Darband-e Loran, a village in Khomeyn County
  • Darband-e Guyilagh, a village in Zarandieh County
North Khorasan Province
  • Darband, Bojnord, a village in Bojnord County
  • Darband, Jajrom, a village in Jajrom County
  • Darband, Maneh and Samalqan, a village in Maneh and Samalqan County
  • Darband Esfejir, a village in Faruj County
  • Darband Rural District, an administrative subdivision of Jajrom County
Qazvin Province
  • Darband, Qazvin, a village in Qazvin County, Qazvin Province, Iran
Razavi Khorasan Province
  • Darband, Razavi Khorasan, a village in Khoshab County
  • Darband-e Golriz, a village in Dargaz County
  • Darband-e Olya, Dargaz, a village in Dargaz County
  • Darband-e Sofla, Dargaz, a village in Dargaz County
  • Darband-e Vosta, a village in Dargaz County
  • Darband-e Olya, Sarakhs, a village in Sarakhs County
  • Darband-e Sofla, Sarakhs, a village in Sarakhs County
  • Darband, Taybad, a village in Taybad County
Semnan Province
  • Darband, Semnan, a village in Mehdishahr County
Tehran Province
  • Darband (Tehran), a village attached to Iran''s capital Tehran
West Azerbaijan Province
  • Darband, Naqadeh, a village in Naqadeh County
  • Darband, Urmia, a village in Urmia County
  • Darband, Baranduz, a village in Urmia County
  • Darband, Silvaneh, a village in Urmia County
  • Darband, Sumay-ye Beradust, a village in Urmia County
Zanjan Province
  • Darband, Zanjan, a village in Khodabandeh County
  • Darband, Tarom, a village in Tarom County
  • Darband, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a Union Council of District Hangu Darband, Pakistan
  • Darband (Western Baluchistan), Pakistan, the type locality for the lizard species Phrynocephalus euptilopus
Russia Tajikistan
  • Darband (Tajikistan), a town or district in Tajikistan''s Region of Republican Subordination

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