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جنبش مشروطه

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Constitutional Monarchy Movement Definition

The movement that aimed at limiting king's absolute political power, to a system where the monarchy exists together with a constitution and shares power with a constitutionally organized body. (Wikipedia) - Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy   (Redirected from Constitutional Monarchy Movement) Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy Leader Founded Headquarters Ideology National affiliation Party flag Website
الملكية الدستورية العراقية
Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein
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The Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy (ICM) is a monarchist political party in Iraq led by Sharif Ali Bin al-Hussein.

Al-Hussein is related to the Hashemite royal family which ruled Iraq until 1958. He has succeeded in establishing himself as claimant in the international press and currently (in the politics of Iraq) Prince Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein is the only Iraqi royal campaigning in Iraq for the return of a monarchy based on a constitutional monarchy. Some critics assert he is not even in line to the throne according to the constitution of the old Iraqi monarchy (The Iraqi Constitution as amended in November 1943). According to this constitution, the heir to the monarchy would be Prince Ra''ad (born 1936), Lord Chamberlain of Jordan.

1921–1959 (ratio: 1:2)Flag of the Kingdom of Iraq used by Iraqi monarchists


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