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Capital may refer to:

  • Capital city, the area of a country, province, region, or state, regarded as enjoying primary status, usually but not always the seat of the government
  • Capital letter, an upper-case letter in a writing system
  • Capital punishment, the death sentence
  • Capitals (typeface), a small-caps serif typeface

Capital may also refer to:

  • 1 Architecture
  • 2 Colleges, seminaries, and universities
  • 3 Forms of capital
  • 4 Journalism and literature
    • 4.1 Radio
    • 4.2 Literature
    • 4.3 Publications
  • 5 Sports
  • 6 Transportation and vessels
  • 7 See also
  • Capital (architecture), the crowning member of a column or a pilaster
  • Capital (fortification), a proportion of a bastion
Colleges, seminaries, and universities
  • Capital Bible Seminary, the seminary component of Washington Bible College with its main campus in Lanham, Maryland
  • Capital Community College, a community college in Hartford, Connecticut
  • Capital University, a four-year private university in Columbus, Ohio
  • Capitol College, a private, non-profit, and non-sectarian college located just south of Laurel, Maryland
  • Penn State Harrisburg, also called: The Capital College, an undergraduate college and graduate school of the Pennsylvania State University, in Middletown, Pennsylvania
Forms of capital See also Category:Capital.
  • Capital (economics), a factor of production that is not wanted for itself but for its ability to help in producing other goods
  • Capital requirement or "bank capital", the requirement that banks keep certain monetary reserves
  • Cultural capital, the advantage individuals can gain from mastering the cultural tastes of a privileged group
  • Financial capital, any form of wealth capable of being employed in the production of more wealth
  • Human capital, workers'' skills and abilities as regards their contribution to an economy
  • Infrastructural capital, means of production other than natural capital
  • Intellectual capital, intangible assets, for example, knowledge, resource know-how and processes
  • Natural capital, the resources of an ecosystem that yields a flow of goods and services into the future
  • Physical capital, any non-human asset made by humans and then used in production
  • Political capital, means by which a politician or political party may gain support or popularity
  • Positive psychological capital, the value of an individual''s level of optimism, hope, resilience, self-efficacy
  • Social capital, the value of social networks to individuals embedded in them
  • Symbolic capital, it can be language and/or images that circulate as power. Or, symbolic capital is one of the four types of capital in Pierre Bourdieu''s theory; it can be a type of capital that is strongly correlated to social capital, and it comes into existence once it is perceived and recognized as legitimate.
  • Working capital, short term capital needed by the company to finance its operations
Journalism and literature Radio
  • Capital Radio (disambiguation), various radio stations named Capital
  • Capital (radio network), a network of nine Independent Local Radio stations in the United Kingdom
  • Capital (novel), a novel by John Lanchester
  • Capital: Critique of Political Economy, a work by political economist Karl Marx
  • Capital (French magazine), a French-language magazine
  • Capital (German magazine), a German-language magazine
  • Capital (newspaper), a Bulgarian business-oriented weekly newspaper
  • Capital (Romanian newspaper), a Romanian business-oriented weekly newspaper
  • Capital, online newszine published in Albany, New York
  • Capital Ethiopia, also known as: Capital, an Ethiopian business-oriented weekly English-language newspaper
  • Capital in the Twenty-First Century a book by French economist Thomas Piketty
  • Capital New York, an online news site owned by Politico
  • The Capital, a daily newspaper based in Annapolis, Maryland, United States
  • Canberra Capitals, an Australian women''s basketball team
  • Capital Clube de Futebol, a Brazilian football (soccer) club
  • Edinburgh Capitals, a Scottish ice-hockey team
  • Edmonton Capitals, a baseball team
  • Washington Capitals, a National Hockey League team (USA)
Transportation and vessels
  • Capital Airlines (UK), was an airline based in the United Kingdom and self-proclaimed "Yorkshire International Airlines"
  • Capital ship, a classification of a naval vessel

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