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Bayat Definition

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Bayat may refer to:

  • Bay''at, Islamic word for allegiance
Family name
  • Bayat (name), originally referring to a Turkic clan from Iran, now a common surname in central and southern Asia and the Middle East
(Includes a list of people with this name)Places
  • Bayat, Afyonkarahisar, a district in Turkey''s Afyonkarahisar Province founded by members of the clan
  • Bayat, Çorum, a district in Turkey''s Çorum Province founded by members of the clan
  • Boyat, Aghjabadi, Azerbaijan
  • Boyat, Neftchala, Azerbaijan
  • Boyat, Shamakhi, Azerbaijan
  • Boyat, Ujar, Azerbaijan
  • Bayat, Indonesia, a subdistrict in Klaten Regency, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Bayat, East Azerbaijan, Iran
  • Bayat-e Sofla East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Bayat, Razavi Khorasan, Iran
  • Bayat, West Azerbaijan, Iran
  • Bayat Rural District, in Markazi Province, Iran
In music
  • Bayat, Bayati or Bayat-e-Turk, and Bayati-i-Kurd, makams (musical mode) in Turkish and Iranian music
  • Maqam Bayat

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