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Baloch Definition

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Baloch may refer to:

  • Baloch people, an ethnic group native to the Balochistan region of the Iranian plateau in Southwest Asia
  • Baloch (Gujarat), a Muslim community in India, descended from the Baloch people
  • Baloch Goth, a neighbourhood of Orangi Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Baloch Lions, the domestic field hockey team for the Balochistan in Pakistan
  • Baloch National Movement, a Baloch nationalist political organization
  • Baloch civil wars, a series of conflicts among the Baloch people
  • Baloch cuisine, the food and cuisine of the Baloch people
  • Baloch tribe, a tribe in Balochistan and Sindh provinces of Pakistan
  • Balochi language, principal language of the Baloch people

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