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بابک خرمدین

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Born in Balalabad near Ardebil, his father Merdas was a resident of Tisfun. His mother, Mahroo was from Azerbaijan. After the death of Javidan, Babak became the leader of Javidanian or Khorramian sect and staged an uprising against Abbasi Caliphs in 816 AD. Babak was betrayed by Afshin who handed him to the Abbasi Caliph. His hands and legs were cut and after his death, his head was sent to all cities around Iran to mark the end of the last movement to revive ancient religion in Iran.It's been recorded in Siasatnameh that Babak washed his face with his own blood after his first hand was cut, to show that he did not fear. That is what it takes to become a national hero. (Wikipedia) - Babak Khorramdin Babak Khorramdin Native name Born Died Ethnicity Years active Known for Opponent(s) Religion
Statue in Babek city, Azerbaijan
پاپک خرمدین
795 or 798
7 January 838 Samarra
Leader of the Khorram-Dinān
Abbasid Caliphate

Bābak Khorram-Din (Formally known as "Pāpak" meaning "Young Father") (Persian: بابک خرمدین‎, alternative spelling: Pāpak Xorramdin; 795, according to some other sources 798— January 838) was one of the main Persian revolutionary leaders of the Iranian Khorram-Dinān ("Those of the joyous religion"), which was a local freedom movement fighting the Abbasid Caliphate. Khorramdin appears to be a compound analogous to dorustdin "orthodoxy" and Behdin "Good Religion" (Zoroastrianism), and are considered an offshoot of neo-Mazdakism. Babak''s Iranianizing rebellion, from its base in Azerbaijan in northwestern Iran, called for a return of the political glories of the Iranian past. The Khorramdin rebellion of Babak spread to the Western and Central parts of Iran and lasted more than twenty years before it was defeated. Babak''s uprising showed the continuing strength in Azerbaijan of ancestral Iranian local feelings.


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