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AzerbaijanIran relations are foreign relations between Azerbaijan and Iran. Iran has an embassy in Baku and a consulate-general in Nakhchivan City. Azerbaijan has an embassy in Tehran and a consulate-general in Tabriz. Both countries are full members of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Iran and Azerbaijan share same history, religion, culture and to a certain extent, ethnicity. On top of that, the world''s largest population of ethnic Azerbaijanis live in Iran.

Iran and Azerbaijan have had diplomatic relations since 1918.

  • 1 Context
  • 2 Relations from 1918–1920
  • 3 Relations from 1991 to present
    • 3.1 Current Strategic Context
    • 3.2 Abulfaz Elchibey
    • 3.3 Energy Issues
    • 3.4 Bilateral Tension
    • 3.5 Iran-Azerbaijan Visa Free Regime
    • 3.6 Deterioration of relations in 2012
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