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Arsacid Definition

Arsacid dynasty (247 BC–AD 224) Persian dynasty. It was founded by Arsaces of the Parni tribe, which originally dwelt east of the Caspian Sea and entered Parthia after the death of Alexander the Great , gradually extending control southward. Arsacid power reached its peak under Mithradates I (r. 171–138 BC). The government was influenced by that of the Seleucid dynasty and tolerated the formation of vassal kingdoms.The dynasty legitimized its rule over former Achaemenian territories by claiming descent from the Achaemenian king Artaxerxes II. It controlled trade routes between Asia and the Greco-Roman world and used its resultant wealth to erect many buildings. The dynasty was overthrown in 224 by the Sassanid dynasty. (Wikipedia) - Arsacid Dynasty   (Redirected from Arsacid)

The Arsacid Dynasty may refer to:

  • Arsacid dynasty of Parthia (247 BC – 224 AD), Persia (Iran)
  • Arsacid Dynasty of Armenia (54–428), Armenia
  • Arsacid dynasty of Iberia (c. 189–284), Georgian Iberia
  • Arsacid Dynasty of Caucasian Albania (1st–5th century), Caucasian Albania

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