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Ardeshir Definition

Iranian Male First Name, name of some Achaemenid and Sassanid kings. (Wikipedia) - Ardeshir

Ardeshīr, Ardashīr, or Ardashēr may refer to:

  • 1 Throne name of several rulers
  • 2 Given name
  • 3 Other
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Throne name of several rulers
  • Ardashir I, r. 224–241, founder of the Sassanid Empire
  • Ardashir II, r. 379–383, son of Hormizd II and successor of Shapur II "the Great"
  • Ardashir III, r. 628–630, the youngest of the Sassanid kings
  • Artaxerxes (disambiguation) (the Old Persian equivalent of "Ardeshir"), several emperors of the Achaemenid Empire
  • Ardashir Orontid, Armenian King from the Orontid Dynasty
  • Ardashir I (Bavandid ruler) (Ardashir I of Mazandaran), ruler of the Bavand dynasty
  • Ardashir II (Bavandid ruler) (Ardashir II of Mazandaran), ruler of the Bavand dynasty
Given name
  • Ardeshir Cowasjee (born 1926), Pakistani journalist
  • Ardaseer Cursetjee (1808–1877), the first Indian elected a Fellow of the Royal Society
  • Ardeshir Godrej (1868–1936), Indian inventor and engineer
  • Ardeshir Hosseinpour (1962–2007), Iranian scientist
  • Ardeshir Irani (1886–1969), Indian Irani screen-writer and director
  • Ardeshir Kamkar (born 1962), Iranian musician
  • Ardeshir Mohasses (1938–2008), Iranian illustrator
  • Ardeshir Furdorji Sohrabji (1897–1990), Indian cricket commentator
  • Ardeshir Tarapore (1923–1965), Indian soldier
  • Ardeshir Zahedi (born 1928), Iranian diplomat

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