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شهرک آپادانا

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Apadana Complex (Persian: شهرک آپادانا‎) is a large residential complex in western part of Tehran, Iran. Today it is considered one of Tehran''s neighborhoods. It is also the location of one of Tehran Monorail stations. Apadana Complex is located in the north-eastern side of Ekbatan Complex.

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The construction of the Apadana Complex started in the 1970s. Some parts were finished before 1978. It was first residential in 1987.


There are 46 blocks in Apadana Complex. Each 7 or 8 blocks are categorized in one phase. There are 6 phases in Apadana Complex. Each phase has its own separate and independent administration.

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The population of the Apadana Complex is about 15000. There are 3 shopping centers, 7 schools and a mosque in the Apadana Complex.

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