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Apadana Definition

An Apadana is a large hall with a roof supported by columns, the best known examples being the great audience hall at Persepolis and the palace of Susa. The Persepolis Apadana belongs to the oldest building phase of the city of Persepolis, the first half of the 5th century BC, as part of the original design by Dariush the Great. Its construction completed by Xerxes I. Apadana was the largest building on the Terrace at Persepolis and was excavated by the German archaeologist Ernst Herzfeld and his assistant Friedrich Krefter, and Erich Schmidt, between 1931 and 1939. The columns reached 20m high and had complex capitals in the shape of bulls or lions. Here, the great Shah received the tribute from all the nations in the Achaemenid Empire, and gave presents in return.Access to the hall is given by two monumental stairways, on the north and on the east. These are decorated by reliefs, showing delegates of the 23 subject nations of the Persian Empire paying tribute to Dariush 1, who is represented seated centrally. The various delegates are shown in great detail, giving insight into the costume and equipment of the various peoples of Persia in the 5th century BC. There are inscriptions in Old Persian and Elamite.The Apadana at Persepolis is 100 meters square; its roof was supported by 72 columns, each 24 meters tall. The entire hall was destroyed in 331 BC by the invading army of Macedonian Alexander. Stones from the columns were used as building material for nearby settlements, but after reconstruction work in the 20th century, 14 are again erect.The Apadana in Susa, was - like the city itself, largely abandoned, and pillaged for building material. (Wikipedia) - Apadana For the Pali texts, see Apadāna. Further information: Achaemenid architectureRuins of the Apadana PalaceReconstruction of the Apadana''s roof by ChipiezReconstruction of the Apadana by Chipiez

An Apadana (Old Persian:

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