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Anatolian Definition

Related to Anatolia in western Asia Minor, modern Turkey. (Wikipedia) - Anatolian

Anatolian, Latin anatolica means of or pertaining to Anatolia, or a person from Anatolia, including:

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  • 2 Ethnography
  • 3 Biology
  • 4 Ecology
  • 5 Education
  • 6 Geophysics
  • 7 Linguistics
  • 8 Music
  • 9 Media
  • 10 Capital assets
  • 11 Military
  • 12 History and pre-history
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  • Anatolian, of or pertaining to the region, Anatolia
  • Ancient Anatolians, ancient peoples that have lived in Anatolia
  • Anatolian Turks, the modern Turkish people
  • Anatolian Bulgarians, Bulgarians who settled in Turkey in the 18th century
  • Anatolian Greeks, ethnic Greeks who lived in Anatolia under the Ottoman Empire
  • Anatolian Black Goat, a Turkish breed of goat
  • Anatolian Black, a breed of cattle
  • Anatolian buffalo, a domestic animal of Anatolia
  • Anatolian Khramulya, a species of fish
  • Anatolian leopard, a wild animal of Anatolia
  • Anatolian Rock Lizard, a reptile native to Anatolia
  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog, an ancient breed of dog from Anatolia
  • Anatolian Vole, a species of vole
  • Orchis anatolica, a species of orchid
  • Caucasus-Anatolian-Hyrcanian temperate forest, a forest partly in Anatolia
  • Northern Anatolian conifer and deciduous forests, a type of forest in Anatolia
  • Irano-Anatolian, a biologically diverse region
  • Anatolian High School, a type of Turkish educational institution
    • Beyoğlu Anatolian High School
    • Yusuf Kalkavan Anatolian High School
    • Samsun Atatürk Anatolian High School
  • Anatolian Plate, the tectonic plate on which Turkey sits
  • Anatolian hieroglyphs, a script of central Anatolia
  • Anatolian hypothesis, a theory of Indo-Europization of Europe from Anatolia
  • Anatolian languages, a group of extinct Indo-European languages
  • Proto-Anatolian language, the ancestor of the Anatolian language family
  • Anatolian Musical Festival, an annual festival of Turkish folk music
  • Anatolian Pieces, Ahmet Kanneci''s fourth album
  • Anatolian rock, a genre of rock music from Turkey
  • Anatolian Agency, the Turkish State News Agency
Capital assets
  • List of Anatolian Railways, a historical, comprehensive list of the railways in use in Turket and the Ottoman Empire
    • Anatolian Express
  • Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline, a proposed gas pipeline across Anatolia
  • Anatolian Eagle, an Air Force exercise hosted by the Turkish Air Force
History and pre-history
  • Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, a museum near Ankara Castle
  • History of Anatolia, a comprehensive history of the region

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