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The location where the Battle of Amos took place between Persians and Ionians in 479 B.C., ending with Persian victory. (Wikipedia) - Amos Amos Gender Language(s) Origin Meaning
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Amos (Hebrew: עָמוֹס‎) may refer to:

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People First name
  • Amos (prophet), one of the twelve minor prophets in the Hebrew Bible
    • Book of Amos, his writings
  • Amos, son of Nephi and his son Amos, two minor figures in the Book of Mormon
  • Amos Bronson Alcott (1779–1888), American educator, father of American novelist Louisa May Alcott
  • Amos Dolbear (1837–1910), American inventor
  • Amos Diggory, fictional character in the Harry Potter books and films
  • Amos Grunebaum, (born 1950), American obstetrician, gynecologist, and maternal-fetal medicine specialist
  • Amos E. Joel, Jr. (1918–2008), American electrical engineer and inventor
  • Amos Lee, born 1978, American singer-songwriter
  • Amos Mansdorf (born 1965), Israeli tennis player
  • Amos Meller (1938–2007), Israeli composer and conductor
  • Amos Oz (born 1939), Israeli writer, novelist, and journalist
  • Amos Urban Shirk (1890?–1956), American businessman, author and reader of encyclopedias
  • Amos Tversky (1937–1996), pioneer of cognitive science
  • Amos Zereoue, American football player
  • Amos Gitai, Israeli film director
  • John Amos Comenius (1592–1670), Moravian teacher, scientist, educator and writer
  • Amos Yarkoni - An Arab Israeli officer in the Israel Defense Forces
  • Amos Kairuz - An American nightclub comedian and television and film actor and producer of Lebanese descent, changed his name to Danny Thomas
  • Alf Amos, English footballer who played for Brentford and Millwall Athletic
  • Ben Amos (born 1990), goalkeeper for Manchester United F.C. reserves
  • Bruce Amos (born 1946), Canadian chess player
  • Danny Amos, South African born-Israeli association football player
  • Imre Ámos (1907 – c. 1944/5), Jewish-Hungarian painter
  • James F. Amos, United States Marine Corps general
  • John Amos, American actor
  • Martin John Amos, (born 1941) Catholic Bishop of Davenport, Iowa (USA)
  • Michael Amos, New Zealand swimmer
  • Nathan Amos, South African born-Israeli international rugby union player
  • Stephen K. Amos, stand-up comedian from England
  • Terri Utley née Amos (born 1962), beauty queen and motivational speaker
  • Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos, 1963), American pianist and singer-songwriter
  • Wally Amos (born 1936), entrepreneur, actor and book writer, founder of the "Famous Amos" chocolate chip cookie brand
  • Walter Amos, English footballer who played in 455 games for Bury
  • Bruce Amos (born 1946), Canadian photographer
  • Unrelated to Hebrew: Valerie Amos
  • AMOS or Advanced Mortar System, a 120 mm automatic twin barreled, breech loaded mortar turret
  • AMOS (programming language), a dialect of BASIC on the Amiga computer
  • AMOS (Alpha Micro Operating System) – see Alpha Microsystems
  • AMOS, a statistical software package for structural equation modeling, produced by SPSS
  • AMOS, a software program for asset management including maintenance, procurement and technical management in the fields of ships, defence and oil & gas installations
  • AMOS, or Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing observatory, an Air Force Research Laboratory operating location on Maui, Hawaii
  • AMOS, Aircraft Maintenance Operating System, a software package to support aircraft maintenance and repair organisations (MRO)
  • Amos, California, in Imperial County
  • Amos, Kentucky
  • Adams Morgan, neighborhood also known as Amos in Washington, DC
  • Amos, Quebec, town in northwestern Quebec, Canada
  • Amos (ancient city), ancient town close to Marmaris, Turkey
  • Amos, a 1985 film starring Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Montgomery and Dorothy McGuire
  • Amos (satellite), series of Israeli IAI-built civilian communications satellites in geostationary orbit (launched 1996, 2003, 2008)
  • Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing observatory, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) operating location on Maui
  • Amos, the NATO reporting name of the Vympel R-33 air-to-air missile
  • Amos ''n'' Andy (1920s-1950s), radio-serial situation comedy popular in the United States
  • Famous Amos, cookie company founded by Wally Amos
  • Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
  • Amos the Transparent, an up-and-coming Indie Rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Amos Beer made by the Amos brewery in France until purchased by the Karlsberg Brewery (German text)
  • Amos Moses, song by Jerry Reed, about the eponymous fictional alligator hunter.
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