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Afshin is a Persian male first name.General Afshin was a senior army officer at the court of Abbasid caliphs and a son of the vassal prince of Oshrusana.Afshin is a hereditary title of Oshrusana princes at the time of the Muslim conquest of Iran. The term is an Arabic form of the Middle Persian Pishin and Avestan Pisinah, a proper name of uncertain etymology. Minorsky suggests that the title Afshin was of Sogdian origin.During the time when the first Arab invasion of the country of Ushrusana took place under Qutayba b. Muslim (94-5/712-14), Ushrusana was inhabited by an Iranian population, ruled by its own princes who bore the traditional title of Afshin.Afshin is generally considered an Iranian, and although two classical sources( and some authors) have called him a Turk, he came from an Iranian cultural region and was not usually considered Turkish. The confusion comes from the fact that the term “Turk” was used loosely by Arab writers of the time to denote the new troops of the caliph despite the inclusion among them some elements of Iranian origin, including Ferghana and Oshrusana.According to Yaqubi, during the reign of the third Abbasid caliph Al-Mehdi (775-85), Afshin of Oshrusana was mentioned among several Iranian and Turkish rulers of Transoxiana and the Central Asian steppes who submitted nominally to him. But it was not until Harunorrashid's reign in 794-95 that Fazl b. Yahya Barmati led an expedition into Transoxiana and received the submission of the ruling Akin known as Karakana. This Karakana had never previously humbled himself before any other potentate. Further expeditions were nevertheless sent to Oshrusana by Al-Mamun when he was governor in Marv and after he had become caliph. Kavus, son of the Afshin Karakana who had submitted to Fazl b. Yahya, withdrew his allegiance from the Arabs; but shortly after Mamun arrived in Baghdad from the east (817-18 or 819-20), a power struggle and dissensions broke out among the reigning family of Oshrusana.According to most of the sources, al-Mamun's heir, Al-Mutasem not only made Afshin governor of Azarbaijan and seconded high-ranking officers to serve under him, but also ordered exceptionally large salaries, expense allowances, and rations for him. In 831-833, he suppressed uprisings in Egypt from remote regions to Alexandria. On June 2, 832 the news was proclaimed of his great success in taking Bima in Egypt. It surrendered to Afshin's extension of al-Mamun's promise of safe conduct.In 835, Caliph al-Mutasem appointed Afshin as a governor of Azerbaijan to fight against Babak Khorramdin, leader of anti-Islamic neo-Mazdakite Persian movement of the Khurramites.After a fierce resistance by Babak's army, Afshin eventually defeated it and captured Babak's castle of Bazz in August 837. Ya'qubi (Tarikh II, 579) records Afshin freeing 7,600 Arab prisoners from this fortress, and he destroyed the castle. The Khurramite leader escaped to hiding under the protection of local Christian prince Sahl ibn-Sunbat who later turned him in to Afshin. In return to Afshin's achievements, caliph rewarded him governorship of Sind in addit (Wikipedia) - Afshin Afshin / افشین Gender Language(s) Other names Variant form(s)
Middle Persian
Afšīn, Afşin, Afşın
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Afshin (Persian: افشین‎ / Afšīn; Turkish: Afşın or Afşin) is a common Persian and Turkish given name, derived from the princely title of the rulers of Ošrūsana at the time of the Muslim conquest. The Afshins of Ošrūsana were an Iranian princedom in Central Asia of whom the later Abbasid general Afšin Ḵayḏar bin Kāvus is the most famous.

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Afšīn is the Arabicized form of the Middle Persian Pišīn, which traces back to the Avestan Pisinah. In pre-Islamic Iranian tradition, it is the name of a grandson of Kayānid king Kavād (Yt. 13.132, 19.71). In the Islamic period, it is found as a proper name attested by Armenian historians in the form Ōšin (from Awšin).

  • Khaydhar ibn Kawus al-Afshin (died 841), Abbasid general
  • Muhammad ibn Abi''l-Saj (died 901), Sājid ruler of Āzarbāijān
  • Afshin (singer), full name Afshin Jafari, Iranian pop star
  • Afshin Ghotbi (born 1964), Iranian football coach
  • Afshin Norouzi (born 1985), Iranian table tennis player
  • Arash Afshin (born 1989), Iranian footballer

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