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Afshar Definition

Afshar Tribe is a branch of the Oghuz Turks from Central Asia which migrated through Iran, Syria and Anatolia.The Afshar tribes of Iran are two distinct Turkish speaking ethnic groups. The larger group is concentrated in the northeast of the country, and the smaller in the south. The Turkic dialect spoken by the Afshar of the north is closely related to the Azeri language, while the dialect spoken by the southern Afshar is more closely related to the Qashqai language. Nader Shah is the most famous person from Afshar Tribe. (Wikipedia) - Afşar   (Redirected from Afshar)

Afşar or Afshar (also spelled Avşar or Avshar) may refer to:

  • Afshar tribe, a branch of the Turkic Oghuz people, and the founders of multiple dynasties and namesakes of many places
    • Afshar language, the Turkic language spoken by the tribe
    • Afsharid dynasty, the Iranian dynasty founded by members of the tribe
  • Amir Khosrow Afshar (1919–unknown), Iranian diplomat and former foreign minister
  • Esin Afşar (1936–2011), Turkish singer and stage actress
Places Afghanistan
  • Afshar district, a district of Kabul
  • Avshar, Ararat, a town in the Ararat Province
  • Avşar, Aghjabadi, a village and municipality in the Aghjabadi Rayon
  • Afshar District, a district in Khodabandeh County, Zanjan Province
  • Afshar Rural District, a rural district in West Azerbaijan Province
  • Afshar, Jolfa, a village in Daran Rural District, in the Central District of Jolfa County, East Azerbaijan Province
  • Afshar, Meyaneh, a village in Kaghazkonan-e Shomali Rural District, in Kaghazkonan District, Meyaneh County, East Azerbaijan Province
  • Afshar-e Olya, a village in Sanjabad-e Jonubi Rural District, Firuz District, Kowsar County, Ardabil Province
  • Afshar, Sistan and Baluchestan, a village in Mehrestan County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province
  • Afsharlu, a village in Qeshlaqat-e Afshar Rural District, Afshar District, Khodabandeh County, Zanjan Province
  • Afşar, Bala, a town in the district of Balâ, Ankara Province
  • Afşar, Bolu, a village in the district of Bolu, Bolu Province
  • Afşar, Dinar, a village in the district of Dinar, Afyonkarahisar Province
  • Afşar, Elmalı, a village in the district of Elmalı, Antalya Province
  • Afşar, Güdül, a village in the district of Güdül, Ankara Province
  • Afşar, Kalecik, a village in the district of Kalecik, Ankara Province
  • Afşar, Mengen, a village in the district of Mengen, Bolu Province
  • Afşar Dam
  • Afshar experiment, a controversial physics experiment
  • Afshar Operation, a 1993 military operation in the Afshar district of Kabul, Afghanistan

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