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Negareh: Parthia Roma Octavius Flags Battle Carrhae.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Augustus of Prima Porta, a famous statue of Roman Emperor Octavius. Ornated on his chest (armor) an officer is receiving a Roman Standard which was lo...View Details»

Battle of Carrhae ... 16/05/296 History
The Battle of Carrhae or the Battle of Callinicum took place in 296 or 297, after the invasion of Mesopotamia and Armenia by the Sasanian king Narseh....View Details»

Orodes II Descends The Parthian Throne... 02/06/36BC History
Shortly after his son Pacor was killed during Iranian wars in West Asia, Ord 2. voluntarily descended the Parthian throne and appointed Farhad 4.(Phra...View Details»

Caesars Assassination Relieves Iranians... 15/03/44BC History
7 days to Norooz celebrations, the news of Caesar's assassination in the Senate relieved Iranians because they were preparing for an attack from Caesa...View Details»

Roman Senate Discusses Carrhae Defeat... 03/03/52BC History
Excerpts from an assembly at the Roman senate on March, 3, discussing the reasons for which Romans lost in the Battle of Carrhae 9 months earlier: L...View Details»

Battle of Carrhae: Surena Defeated Roman invaders ... 06/05/53BC History
The Battle of Carrhae was fought in 53 BC between the Parthian Empire and the Roman Republic near the town of Carrhae. The Parthian Sepahbod ("General...View Details»