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Declassified FBI memo 'confirms' direct connection between Saudi gover... 09/05/2022 Politics
Dr. Matthias Schwartz For more than 20 years, successive US presidents have given Saudi Arabia a pass on the question of whether the kingdom's governm...View Details»

9/11: FBI links Saudi Arabia spy to attacks on Sept. 11... 20/03/2022 Military
By Mike Kelly Soon after the 9/11 attacks two decades ago, the FBI quietly launched an investigation into a seemingly obscure Saudi Arabian government...View Details»

Saudi Government is Funding Al Qaeda & ISIS, Official US Government Do... 21/10/2016 Military
By Eric Zuesse As Liz Goodwin and Michael Isikoff noted on 11 October 2016 regarding a recent wikileak: The Clinton email states: “We need to use our ...View Details»

A Special Relationship The United States is teaming up with Al Qaeda, ... 14/12/2015 Military
By Andrew Cockburn One morning early in 1988, Ed McWilliams, a foreign-service officer posted to the American Embassy in Kabul, heard the thump of a m...View Details»

Israelis and Saudis Reveal Secret Talks to Thwart Iran - Blo... 07/06/2015 Military
*** Old enemies find a common foe.Photographer: Kaveh Sardari/Council on Foreign Relations Israelis and Saudis Reveal Secret Talks to Thwart Iran By E...View Details»

Pre-9/11 Ties Haunt Saudis as New Accusations Surface - 05/02/2015 Military
By BEN HUBBARD and SCOTT SHANEFEB. 4, 2015 RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — During the 1980s and ’90s, the historic alliance between the wealthy monarchy of Sa...View Details»

Why Does the U.S. Support Saudi Arabia, A Country Which Hosts and Fina... 30/08/2014 Politics
Why Does the U.S. Support a Country which was FOUNDED With Terrorism A U.S. congressman for 6 years, who is now a talking head on MSNBC (Joe Scarboro...View Details»

Putin Orders S. Arabia “Destroyed” after Volgograd Terror Strikes Fars... 01/01/2014 News
TEHRAN (FNA)- A grim memorandum circulating in the Kremlin written by Federal Security Services (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov to outline the new ...View Details»

Iraq Arrests 26 Terrorists on Eve of Arbayeen Farsnews... 23/12/2013 Military
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraq's security forces have arrested scores of militants who plotted to launch terrorist attacks on Shiite mourners on Arbayeen, the end...View Details»

It’s Putin vs Bandar Bush on the Syrian chessboard — RT Op-Edge... 15/12/2013 Politics
Everyone remembers the spectacular four-and-a-half hour meeting last August in Moscow between President Putin and Bandar Bush – aka Bandar bin Sultan,...View Details»