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Alexander Dies In Babylon... 11/06/323BC History
Alexander the Great who put an end to the Persian Achaemenid Empire died in Babylon. There's a rumor that Roxana, the daughter of Persian Satrapy he m...View Details»

Eternal Fire Decorates Coins Of Iran... 11/06/226 History
Ardeshir Babakan, the founder of the Sassanid dynasty announced a golden coin bearing the embossed image of the Eternal Fire in a cup standing on a pe...View Details»

Gondishapour Library Inaugurated... 11/06/250 History
Gondishapour Library which was the greatest of its kind in the ancient times was inaugurated alongside a university to become the center for researche...View Details»

German-Iranian Friendship Treaty... 11/06/1873 History
Even before diplomatic ties, unofficial relations had already taken root between the two nations: Germany and Iran. Goethe's dedication of his West-ös...View Details»

Reza Shah Visits Turkey... 11/06/1934 History
Reza Shah took off on his only travel to a foreign country on June, 2, 1934. He was accompanied by 17 people, mostly high ranking military officers. ...View Details»

1981 Golbaf Earthquake... 11/06/1981 History
The 1981 Golbaf earthquake occurred on June 11 at 10:54:25 local time with a moment magnitude of 6.6 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII+ (Severe...View Details»

Rafsanjani Re-Elected President... 11/06/1993 History
6th presidential election: From a total of 128 nominees for the presidential race, 124 were disqualified by the Guardian Council, thus leaving only 4 ...View Details»

History Advocates: Teach History of Persian Civilization in California... 11/06/2014 History
Soheila VahdatiPoliticsPosted 19 hours ago Interview with Jaleh Niazi If your child attended school in California, you may have noticed that they es...View Details»