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Battle of Kerj Abu Dulaf ... 11/05/651 History
Battle of Kerj Abu Dulaf was fought in 1073 between the Seljuk Army of Malik-Shah I and KermanSeljuk army of Qavurt and his son, Sultan-shah. It took ...View Details»

Ghazan Khan Dies... 11/05/1304 History
After the death of Chengiz Khan, the vast Mongol empire was divided into four pieces. The Ilkhanates founded by Hulagu Khan in 1256 ruled in Persia fo...View Details»

Ottoman Victory At The Battle Of Torches... 11/05/1853 History
The Battle of Torches was fought continuously between 8th & 11th of May, 1583, between the Ottoman and Safavid armies. The name of the battle refers t...View Details»

The Fifty-Three arrested for communist political activities ... 11/05/1937 History
The Fifty-Three were a group of 53 Iranians arrested for involvement in communist political activities in 1937 and brought to trial in November 1938 i...View Details»

Khosrau Rouzbeh Executed... 11/05/1958 History
After a brief military tribunal, per Shah's approval, Khosrau Rouzbeh was executed. Major Rouzbeh was a communist activist who became an icon as a pro...View Details»