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Battle of Ayn al-Tamr ... 05/05/633 History
The Battle of Ayn al-Tamr (Arabic: معركة عين التمر‎) took place in modern-day Iraq (Mesopotamia) between the early Muslim Arab forces and the Sassania...View Details»

Persian Famine of 1917-1918 ... 05/05/1918 History
As much as one quarter of the population living in the north of Iran died in Persian The Great Famine. Although the research of Mohammad Gholi Majd al...View Details»

Majlis Approves National Banking Bill... 05/05/1927 History
In Iran, banking in its traditional form used to be done at exchange offices known as Sarraf. The idea of a national bank came up with inauguration of...View Details»

Amini Becomes Prime Minister... 05/05/1961 History
Dr. Ali Amini started his term as the 67th Prime Minister of Iran on May, 5, 1961. Mohammad Reza Shah was under pressure from US President John F. Ken...View Details»