Nehru Visits Tehran

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Jawaherlaal Nehru visited Tehran with his daughter Indira Gandhi on Sep, 19, 1959 returning Shah's visit to India with Queen Sorayya. Shah's 1956 India visit was a sensational Safari trip where newspapers reported mostly on Royal couple's adventures in jungle. They rode by elephant to the Ganges, and hunted tigers and elephants. Sorayya was always the center of attention for the high society and subject of Paparazzi magazines because of his beauty and style.
In the years following independence, India's first Prime Minister Nehru frequently turned to his daughter Indira to look after him and manage his personal affairs. After the elections of 1952. Indira moved into Nehru's official residence to attend to him and became his constant companion in his travels. Indira would virtually become Nehru's chief of staff.
Nehru admired Reza Shah in a book he wrote in prison titled; Glimpses of World History, for his achievements but did not approve of his dictatorship. In less than ten years, roles changed and Nehru become India's leader while Reza Shah died in exile in British custody.
On the last day of his visit, Nehru said that Nikita Khrushchev's total disarmament plan deserved every consideration. In the midst of the Cold War, India leaned towards USSR, while Iran allied herself with the Western block.
Meanwhile, Mohammad Reza Shah got divorce from Sorayya and was preparing to marry Farah Diba.
After his death, Nehru's daughter and his grandson also served as Prime Ministers of India....

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