Salaroddoleh Uprising

Salaroddoleh Uprising... 06/05/1912 History, #Armenian, #Iran, #Mozaffaroddin_Shah, #Qajar, #Salaroddoleh, #Shah, #Yeprem

The fight between supporters of the conditional monarchy and the Qajar despots was heating up. The Qajar puppet kings who were supported by the Russians were trying to regain power. Salaroddoleh, son of Mozaffaroddin Shah proclaimed king and started a fierce fight against the new democratic movement of Iran. On May, 6, 1912, the government forces were defeated by Salaroddoleh and left the battlefield. The central government appointed the police chief Yeprem khan, from Armenian descent to counter the uprising but he was killed in the battlefield on May, 19th. Salaroddoleh continued fighting in western Iran for some years....

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