China premier urges major powers to 'take responsibility' for environment

China premier urges major powers to 'take responsibility' for environment... 04/09/2021 Nature

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SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged major powers to "show responsibility" and play a leading role in improving global environmental governance and addressing such challenges as Climate Change.
Speaking via video link at the opening ceremony of the IUCN World Conservation Congress on Friday, Li said countries should use the United Nations to draw up global rules and create a governance system that is fair, reasonable and benefit-sharing.
"The international community must use unprecedented determination and action to promote the construction of a beautiful world in which humanity is in harmony with nature," he added.
China has been promoting the concept of "harmony with nature" and the use of "nature-based solutions" as it prepares to host global negotiations on a new biodiversity accord, set to get underway in the southwestern city of Kunming in October.
Beijing submitted a draft "Kunming Declaration" to international partners last week, which included several slogans and concepts now being promoted by China's ruling Communist Party.
U.S. climate envoy John Kerry held two days of talks with his Chinese counterpart, Xie Zhenhua, in Tianjin this week, urging Chinese leaders to ensure that politics was kept out of climate change discussions.
Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi told Kerry that climate "cannot be separated" from the wider diplomatic issues between the two countries.
(Reporting by David Stanway; Editing by William Mallard)
---China premier urges major powers to 'take responsibility' for environment ---...

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