DIY SEO: How to Submit Link in Parseed for Link Exchange, and Writing Experience

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Welcome to Parseed's SEO portal.
How to Submit Link for SEO, Link Exchange, or Commercial Purposes.
If you just need to add a domain or url,simply use the search option in the link below:
Here, there's a more sophisticated tool to submit news, business ads, opinions, etc.
There’s also an opportunity for writers who want to make a name and earn some experience in
Also, Webmasters who seek link exchange can submit reciprocal content in Parseed which will automatically link to their websites.
SEO takes place automatically in our system, and you may submit plain text only. There's a smart program that crawls for keywords in the text,turning articles into a Relational Database.
Your ultimate link to submit content:
» » » Steps on how to submit your link:
1. Upon arrival, the first item to fill is LINK-URL, for which the default is It is advised to click on Check it! With this default in order to start. Then, other fields will be visible.
2. Parseed connects to the website you entered and selects the images available and displays the first suitable one. Sometimes it cannot find images matching the criteria defined such as extension, size, or because of other access restrictions that is applied by some websites. In that case, you can put your own desired image in the image field (item 8)
3. Link Title is normally extracted from the URL, yet it is possible to modify it by clicking the clear button underneath and putting the desired header in the Custom Title Field (item 7). If both fields are filled, two titles are merged together with custom title preceding.
4. The URL is the user input LINK-URL (item 1)
5. Link Description is normally extracted from the URL, yet it is possible to modify it by clicking the clear button underneath and putting the desired description in the Custom Description Field A (Also marked as Text Body). If both fields are filled, two descriptions are merged together with custom description preceding.
6. Clear button is used to clear the extracted title and description fields
7. Custom Title field described in item 3.
8. Custom Link Image described in item 2
9. The date field is in YYYYMMDD format, the default is current date, yet it’s possible to change it to enter items with desired dates such as historical events.
A. Text Body is related to item 5. Do not use html.
If you need to add a link to your text, you need to put it on a separate line starting with http: or www. That’s how a link will be recognized.
In case you need to add an image, simply put the url on a separate line with proper extensions (jpg,gif,png,etc) the system considers it as an image.
B. Keyword Search is useful in order to find matching phrases to be appended to the description, mostly for SEO puposes.
C. Anti-Spam Check. Spammers and hackers cause great waste of time and resources.
D. Link Language Selection is limited to Persian and English for now. We may approve content from other languages but proper indexing may not take place.
E. Choose the best Section that fits the content of the link. Choose Commercail if its a business link.
F. Enter your Alias given to you by the site Administrator if available, otherwise just enter your e-mail. Links submitted by authorized aliases are Pre-approved for publishing.
G. Image scroller helps you choose the best image suitable for your link.
When everything is completed, hit the Submit Link button and let us take care of the rest.
When the link is published, you’ll be notified by an e-mail with a link to your URL. There are many ways you can promote your URL such as sharing it in social media.
If there are any questions, or if you seek custom articles with efficient keyword highlights please contact us:
Some Rules:
- Please do not submit the same link more than once. It will simply be ignored. If you meed to resubmit your link or make changes, consider that some charges may apply and you should contact us.
- No explicit content: sex, violence, and likewise. Any material we may find inappropriate might be deleted.
- Custom advertising throughout the websites and pages is available. For Banner Ads, Keyword Marketing or simply discussing ideas please contact us:
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