Grounds For CENTO Treaty Provided

Grounds For CENTO Treaty Provided... 18/02/1955 History, #Ala, #Ankara, #Baghdad, #Britain, #CENTO, #Hossein_Ala, #Iran, #Iraq, #Khrushchev, #Middle_East, #Mohammad_Reza_Shah, #NATO, #Pakistan, #Prime_Minister, #Reza_Shah, #Shah, #Soviet, #Turkey

In the midst of a cold war between the east and west block, a military cooperation treaty between Iraq and Turkey was signed in Baghdad at the urging of the U.S. and Britain. Modeled after NATO, CENTO aimed to counter the threat of Soviet expansion into the Middle East. After Britain, Pakistan signed the treaty on Sep, 24, 1955, then Iran entered CENTO on Oct, 12, 1955. The draft regarding Iran's membership was presented to the senate by Prime Minister Hossein Ala on Oct, 12 and approved by the parliament 11 days later.
In 1959 anti-Soviet monarchy was overthrown in Iraq and after Iraq's withdrawal from the treaty it was named CENTO. In the same year the U.S. became an associate member, and CENTO headquarters were moved to Ankara. CENTO was never very effective but it caused tensions in the region. On Feb, 18, 1959, the Soviet leader Khrushchev criticized Mohammad Reza Shah for misusing Iran as a tool in the hands of the U.S.
On March, 25, 1979 Iran withdrew and CENTO was dissolved....

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