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Rhagae Falls After 3 Days Of Resistance... 19/05/330BC History, #Damghan, #Dariush, #Dariush_3, #Gaugamela, #Iranian, #Rhagae

After the Gaugamela battle, the defeated Iranian army started retreating till they reached Rhagae. Despite having no leader and no supplies, starting from May, 16th, with the help of local citizens, a bloody battle continued street by street. While Rhagae citadel was being defended by local residents, the remaining soldiers continued fighting the mighty Alexander forces on every corner and district of Rhagae. This created some time for the civilians to evacuate the city. Finally after three days of heroic resistance, the defending army fled at night towards Damghan. Probably the news that Dariush 3 was killed by his officers had demoralized them....

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