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Six Reasons Why Watching TV Excessively Is Bad For Your Health... 30/12/2016 Health
By Nabin Paudyal Co-Founder, Siplikan Media Group Several people all over the world have become addictive to watching the television. It is critical t...View Details»

33,000 affected with HIV in Iran: Ministry of Health... 26/12/2016 Health
Bandar Abbas, Hormuzgan Prov, IRNA – There are 33,000 cases of HIV infection living in Iran, says Deputy Minister of Health Ali Akbar Sayyari. *** [3...View Details»

Dealing With Back Pain? Try These Simple Stretches ... 22/11/2016 Health
by Dr. Sejal ShahNovember 22, 2016 3:00 AM Millions of people are affected by back pain every day. And beyond living with the pain itself, back pain d...View Details»

How To Make A Nasty Cold Suck Less ... 18/10/2016 Health
By Mathew Olson Oct 17 2016, 12:01 PM Some people take pride in the fact that they never seem to get sick, or count their blessings for making it th...View Details»

Treatment of Snoring with a unique mix of fruit juices... 13/10/2016 Health
Snoring Remedies for home and using a fruit juice mix is the subject of this article. You know, about one-third of our lives sleeping the sleep and ma...View Details»

British man might be first in the world to be cured of HIV after 'bre... 05/10/2016 Health
Pioneering new therapy launches two-stage 'kick and kill' attack on the virus Charlotte England @charlottengland A 44-year-old British man m...View Details»

British Red Cross, Iran Red Crescent expand coop. ... 09/09/2016 Health
News ID: 3764982 - Fri 9 September 2016 - 11:37 Culture TEHRAN, Sep. 09 (MNA) – Mike Adamson the Chief Executive of the British Red Cross who is visi...View Details»

Iran govt says to cover infertility treatment costs... 31/08/2016 Health
*** A growing number of clinics in Iran offer in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) -- fertilising a sperm and an egg in a lab -- but a cycle of treatment can ...View Details»

The EpiPen Scandal Is Worse Than You Think: What You’re Not Being Told... 28/08/2016 Health
by Tyler Durden Aug 27, 2016 11:10 AM The EpiPen is a useful device for individuals who suffer from severe allergies. So when news broke that Mylan, ...View Details»

In Iran, unique system allows payments for kidney donors ... 26/08/2016 Health
*** In this July 2, 2016 photo, doctors perform a kidney transplant at Modarres Hospital in Tehran, Iran. In Iran, a unique system allows those in nee...View Details»