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Vibrational Frequency: 23 Ways To Raise Your Positive Energy... 24/04/2019 Green Life
THE FACT IS the same pure energy that connects our entire universe resides within you. If you can raise the vibrational frequency of that energy, the...View Details»

Drink alkaline water for a healthy body ... 09/04/2017 Green Life
Scientists have undertaken a study in the city to understand the benefits of drinking Alkaline Water. On the occasion of World Water Day, a Hyderabad-...View Details»

Alkaline Water: Should you make the switch? ... 09/04/2017 Green Life
It doesn't seem enough to high five ourselves for getting eight glasses of water down the hatch these days. Now it seems we ought to ensure our water ...View Details»

Iran to more than double renewable capacity in one year ... 25/03/2017 Green Life
03/24/2017 By Tildy Bayar Features Editor Iran’s installed renewable power capacity is set to reach 700-850 MW within the country’s calendar year (wh...View Details»

New Energy Solutions to construct 120 MW of solar PV in Iran ... 12/01/2017 Green Life
Swiss company New Energy Solutions will begin construction of four solar farms in Iran in March, with a combined capacity of 120 MW, as Iran remains s...View Details»

Persian Parrotia an alternative to Bradford pear ... 06/01/2017 Green Life
By Arty Schronce Special to the Progress-Argus *** Persian Parrotia can be very colorful in the fall and is a good alternative to the problematic Brad...View Details»

German group to build two power stations in Iran ... 19/12/2016 Green Life
by Jochebed Menon on Dec 18, 2016 Germany’s Medio Energy Invest and Iran have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) worth approximately $104m for...View Details»

A touch of Persia in Lim ... 30/10/2016 Green Life
The azalea maze at Kuhestan Organic Farm is ablaze with magenta azaleas throughout the ten minute stroll. *** Shahrzad Hone in her beautiful garden. ...View Details»

Watch the Grass Grow—Through These Persian Rugs ... 17/10/2016 Green Life
Watch the Grass Grow—Through These Persian Rugs | The Creators Project Kevin Holmes — Oct 17 2016 Details»

Growing Persian shield, identifying pokeweed and lumpy squash causes ... 01/09/2016 Green Life
Updated August 31, 2016 5:02 PM By Jessica Damiano *** Persian shield is a dramatic tropical plant that will thrive in s...View Details»