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Iran to more than double renewable capacity in one year ... 25/03/2017 Green Life
03/24/2017 By Tildy Bayar Features Editor Iran’s installed renewable power capacity is set to reach 700-850 MW within the country’s calendar year (wh...View Details»

New Energy Solutions to construct 120 MW of solar PV in Iran ... 12/01/2017 Green Life
Swiss company New Energy Solutions will begin construction of four solar farms in Iran in March, with a combined capacity of 120 MW, as Iran remains s...View Details»

Persian Parrotia an alternative to Bradford pear ... 06/01/2017 Green Life
By Arty Schronce Special to the Progress-Argus *** Persian Parrotia can be very colorful in the fall and is a good alternative to the problematic Brad...View Details»

German group to build two power stations in Iran ... 19/12/2016 Green Life
by Jochebed Menon on Dec 18, 2016 Germany’s Medio Energy Invest and Iran have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) worth approximately $104m for...View Details»

A touch of Persia in Lim ... 30/10/2016 Green Life
The azalea maze at Kuhestan Organic Farm is ablaze with magenta azaleas throughout the ten minute stroll. *** Shahrzad Hone in her beautiful garden. ...View Details»

Watch the Grass Grow—Through These Persian Rugs ... 17/10/2016 Green Life
Watch the Grass Grow—Through These Persian Rugs | The Creators Project Kevin Holmes — Oct 17 2016 Details»

Growing Persian shield, identifying pokeweed and lumpy squash causes ... 01/09/2016 Green Life
Updated August 31, 2016 5:02 PM By Jessica Damiano *** Persian shield is a dramatic tropical plant that will thrive in s...View Details»

Arbor Day in Iran ... 29/03/2016 Green Life
An Iranian woman checks on her mobile phone as she walks past a mural depicting a tree on a wall in central Tehran, December 31, 2014. (Photo by AFP) ...View Details»

Iran to pay 35% premium for solar, wind plants with domestic content: ... 06/02/2016 Green Life
05. February 2016 | Global PV markets, Financial & Legal Affairs, Industry & Suppliers, Investor news | By: Christian Roselund Iran will authorize 1 ...View Details»

'Persian, Tibetan style influenced India's medical drawings' | Zee New... 02/02/2016 Green Life
Kolkata: The development of Indian medicine had "powerful influences" from Persia and Tibet in its anatomical drawings and illustrations, says the pro...View Details»