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The 1st Stars Cup in Iran | Chess News ... 26/07/2016 Sports
7/25/2016 – Iran has been especially active in chess of late, organizing events such as the FIDE Women Grand Prix in Tehran, to the International Khaz...View Details»

Italy's ANAS signs deal to build north-south highway in Iran ... 15/07/2016 Auto
ROME (Reuters) – The Iranian government has signed a deal with Italy’s highway agency ANAS for the construction and management of a 1,200 km (745 mile...View Details»

Let Boeing sell jets to Iran Air ... 15/07/2016 Auto
The same people in Congress who tried and failed to block the multinational nuclear nonproliferation deal with Iran a year ago are trying to thwart on...View Details»

Official announces new measures to save dried lake ... 14/07/2016 Nature
News ID: 3711889 - Tue 12 July 2016 - 21:43 Culture URMIA, Jul. 12 (MNA) – Provincial head of Lake Urmia Saving Headquarters has announced new soluti...View Details»

After a Taste of Doing Business in Iran, P&G Is Eager to Re-Engage... 14/07/2016 Economy
With trade sanctions eased, company can renew its earlier push into expanding consumer-goods market After a Taste of Doing Business in Iran, P&G Is ...View Details»

Turn your Persian texts into speech ... 13/07/2016 Arts
News ID: 3711615 - Tue 12 July 2016 - 15:19 Technology TEHRAN, Jul. 12 (MNA) – Iranian researchers have developed a Persian text-to-speech software t...View Details»

How is hitchhiking as a woman in Iran?... 11/07/2016 Culture
By Kim Berghout Hitchhiker, writer & video maker *** Yazd, Iran Never before have I been to a country whereby the preconceptions of it are so far away...View Details»

Iran-Turkey five-month trade reaches almost $4b... 11/07/2016 Import-Export
Ankara, July 11, IRNA – Iran-Ankara trade exchange reached $3,957,935,000 in the first five months of 2016. The volume of trade exchange between Iran...View Details»

Persian language elevates to 15th position in world 2015... 11/07/2016 Arts
Tehran, July 10, IRNA – Based on the information from Scopus, Persian language as a scientific language advanced to 15th position in 2015, two positi...View Details»

Mazut exports on record high ... 11/07/2016 Import-Export
News ID: 3709267 - Sun 10 July 2016 - 12:59 Economy TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – Head of Oil Ministry International Affairs has said exports of mazut has ...View Details»