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The Pirate Bay Is Back ... 31/01/2015 Internet-IT
By Kate Knibbs Filed to: THE PIRATE BAY TORRENTS TORRENTING PIRATE BAY Popular torrenting site The Pirate Bay is back after it was shut down by Swedis...View Details»

Everybody in Uganda Is Kung Fu Fighting ... 31/01/2015 Sports
by Elizabeth McSheffrey KAMPALA, Uganda— The red dirt road through Wakaliga is slick and wet with morning rain, staining the shoes and socks of trav...View Details»

Can You Train Your Brain To Crave Healthy Food? ... 31/01/2015 Health
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to turn off the junk food munchies? Wouldn’t it be awesome to crave an apple instead of that bar of chocolate ...View Details»

The Best Way to Remove Wallpaper | 31/01/2015 DIY
By Laurie Bloomfield Removing old wallpaper from your walls may seem like a troublesome task, but you can make the job easier and less time consuming...View Details»

How Iran Is Coping With Sagging Oil Prices ... 31/01/2015 Politics
By Matthew M. Reed 1/30/15 at 6:04 PM Filed Under: Opinion, Oil Prices, Hassan Rouhani, OPEC Matthew M. Reed considers how the collapse in the oil ...View Details»

Iran oil export to Asia increases by 19.8 ... 31/01/2015 Import-Export
Iran oil export to Asia increases by 19.8 TEHRAN, Jan. 31 (MNA) – Iran’s oil export to Asian countries has increased by %19.8 in 2014. Reuters reporte...View Details»

The Benefits of Intentionally Failing on Your Diet... 31/01/2015 Health
By Dick Talens Filed to: dieting I've listened to many reasons people fail on diets. One of the most cited is "life got in the way." A wedding, bachel...View Details»

Do It Yourself: Origami Lamp... 31/01/2015 DIY
Material you need: 1) One large sheet of paper, the size of the paper needs to be 1:2 (width/length) ratio, 2) Glue 3) Large size empty bottle 4) ...View Details»

Iran exports $2.417b goods to India , non-oil goods imports stand at $... 31/01/2015 Import-Export
Reported by: `Customs Today Report January 31, 2015 TEHRAN: Iran exported 2.417 billion dollars of non oil goods and imported 4.31 billion dollars o...View Details»

AP's 'robot journalists' are writing their own stories now | The Verge... 30/01/2015 Arts
By Ross Miller on January 29, 2015 Minutes after Apple released its record-breaking quarterly earnings this week, the Associated Press published (by...View Details»