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Tepco Coverup: MSNBC Host Told Not to Warn Public About Fukushima ... 31/12/2013 Military
Paul Joseph Watson December 31, 2013 Former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur was told not to warn the public about the danger posed by the meltdown...View Details»

APPLE CAUGHT RED-HANDED: NSA has complete control of your iPhone, can ... 31/12/2013 Military
(Joshua Cook, Ben Leaked documents now show what we all suspected: the NSA can turn your iPhone’s microphone and camera on and off without...View Details»

2013, The Year of Bitcoin — RT Op-Edge... 31/12/2013 Economy
Like it or love it, Bitcoin has been a constant theme of headlines for the past year, as 2013 marked its coming of age. Last year’s nerd money fad ha...View Details»

Pirate Bay continues to expand despite mounting anti-piracy movement —... 31/12/2013 Fun
The Pirate Bay inarguably proved its resilience in 2013, making no less than six domain changes and evading international copyright enforcers. It incr...View Details»

Iran wants American tourists, and a boomlet has begun - 31/12/2013 Fun
By Christopher Reynolds December 30, 2013 The U.S. and Iran may have miles to go in their negotiations over curtailing Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but...View Details»

Negareh: Natural Beauties of Iran: Badab-e Surt Springs ... 31/12/2013 Media
Badab-e Surt, or Heaven on Earth as some people call it, is a splendid scenic attraction just south of the city of Sari (reads Sorry!) near the Malkha...View Details»

Music Video: Metallica - Nothing Else Matter ... 31/12/2013 Arts
SONG FACTS: Singer and rhythm guitarist "James Hetfield" wrote this song while he was on the phone with his girlfriend at this time. Since he held the...View Details»

We are not fully human yet? Becoming More Human... 31/12/2013 Science
December 31, 2013 By Simona Rich Manly P. Hall wrote in the book “Occult Anatomy of Man” that we’re not fully human yet. In the womb, when a baby is ...View Details»

Heliotrope: The World's First Energy Positive Solar Home | Inhabitat -... 31/12/2013 Science
by Andrew Michler, 12/26/13 Look, up in the sky — it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the Heliotrope! The brainchild of Architect Ralph Disch, this rotat...View Details»

Identifiable Images of Bystanders Extracted from Corneal Reflections... 31/12/2013 Science
Rob Jenkins mail, Christie Kerr Abstract Criminal investigations often use photographic evidence to identify suspects. Here we combined robust face p...View Details»