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Britain says open to talks with Iran on a \'step-by-step\' basis - Yah... 31/07/2013 News
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain\'s Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Wednesday he was willing to meet his Iranian counterpart to discuss the two coun...View Details»

Iran gives Gazans aid, but bypasses Hamas - 31/07/2013 News
By Rushdi Abu Alouf GAZA CITY – Already under pressure from the new military-led government in Egypt, the militant group Hamas took another public-rel...View Details»

Syrian President Bashar al Assad Joins Instagram (PHOTOS) - Carbonated... 31/07/2013 News
Apparently, Syrian President Bashar al Assad has joined Instagram. This is quite a surprising development for many since his country is almost on the...View Details»

Big Banks Manipulated Energy Markets In California and the Midwest … R... 31/07/2013 News
Energy Markets Are Manipulated The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says that JP Morgan has massively manipulated energy markets in California a...View Details»

The Illusion of Israeli-Palestinian Peace for Our Time | Global Rese... 31/07/2013 News
By Stephen Lendman Talks take place in Washington. Doing so alone assures betrayal and failure. It’s certain. America one-sidedly favors Israel. It’s ...View Details»

The Mali Election Scam: Legitimizing France’s “Total Re-conquest”. | ... 31/07/2013 News
By Gearóid Ó Colmáin “The objective is the total reconquest of Mali” -French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, (20 January, 2013) Presidential ele...View Details»

A Shameful Day to Be a U.S. Citizen: America Has to Promise Russia It ... 31/07/2013 News
By Dave Lindorff Because Snowden has applied for asylum saying that he is at risk of torture or execution if returned to the US to face charges for le...View Details»

Detroit Mirrors America’s Decline | Global Research... 31/07/2013 News
By Stephen Lendman America’s been declining for decades. It’s going the way of all empires. It’s dying a slow death. It’s epitaph one day will read hu...View Details»

The Hiroshima Myth. Unaccountable War Crimes and the Lies of US Milita... 31/07/2013 News
This coming Tuesday, August 6, 2013, is the 68th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, the whole truth of which has been heavily censored and mytho...View Details»

Israel: a Huge Liability on American Foreign Policy Balance Sheet – In... 31/07/2013 News
By Grant F. Smith There are many reasons why naming Martin Indyk the special envoy to mediate between Israel and Palestine is a bad idea. Marinated in...View Details»