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Iran Captures U.S. Spy Drone... 04/12/2011 History
(Wikipedia) - On 4 December 2011, an American Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was captured by Iranian forces near the ci...View Details»

Attack On British Embassy In Tehran... 29/11/2011 History
(Wikipedia) - The British Embassy in Iran and another British diplomatic compound in Tehran were attacked on November, 29 2011 by a crowd of Iranian p...View Details»

Operation Red Coalition Conspiracy... 11/10/2011 History
(Wikipedia) - On October,11 2011, United States officials alleged there was a plot tied to the Iranian government to assassinate Saudi ambassador Ade...View Details»

Biggest Embezzlement Scandal In Iranian History... 18/09/2011 History
(Wikipedia) - Amir Mansour Aria was arrested on Sep, 18, 2011 on charges of leading the 3000 billion Toman embezzlement in Iran (approximately $2.6 bi...View Details»

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Operational... 12/09/2011 History
(Wikipedia) - Iran's first nuclear power plant, Bushehr I reactor was complete and officially opened on September, 12 2011. The nuclear program of Ir...View Details»

Iran Ships Iran-Kashan... 11/09/2011 History
(Wikipedia) - On Sept 11, 2011 Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex launched a third ship named "Iran-Kashan" after successfully delivering...View Details»

Martyrdom of Bahraini Teenager Ali Jawad al-Sheikh ... 31/08/2011 History
Ali Jawad al-Sheikh (Arabic: علي جواد الشيخ‎‎) was a 14-year-old Bahraini who died in the hospital on 31 August 2011 after reportedly being hit in the...View Details»

Iranian Mountain Climber Leila Esfandyari Dies in Himalayas ... 22/07/2011 History
Leila Esfandyari ( born 1970 in Iran – died July 22, 2011, Islamabad, Pakistan) was an Iranian mountain climber. Leila is the first Iranian woman to s...View Details»

Bodybuilder Rouhollah Dadashi Killed ... 16/07/2011 History
Rouhollah Dadashi (Persian: روح الله داداشی) (January 24, 1982 – July 16, 2011) was an Iranian Powerlifter, Bodybuilder and Strongman, competing for I...View Details»

Today in Space! June 15, 2011: Iran's Satellite Launch... 15/06/2011 History
By Weitering Hanneke, Staff Writer-Producer | June 15, 2017 07:30am ET Iran launched its second-ever domestically built satellite into orbit Wednesda...View Details»