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Five Die In Iran Plane Crash... 16/02/2009 History
(FNA)- An Antonov training aircraft crashed in central Iran killing all five people on board on Feb, 16, 2009. The aircraft crashed near Shahin Shahr...View Details»

Israel Indicted For War Crimes... 16/02/2009 History
(FNA) - More than 5700 Iranian lawyers indicted Israeli Leaders for their war crimes and genocide in Gaza onslaught based on domestic and internationa...View Details»

Blast Kills Four Iranian Police Near Pakistan... 14/02/2009 History
(FNA) - Four members of Iran's security forces were killed by an explosion set off in a booby-trap attack by rebels near the Pakistani border. The st...View Details»

Parthian Battery Replicated... 10/02/2009 History
(FNA) - Iran has rebuilt the world's oldest battery, dating back to the Parthian Dynasty, to explore theories about its usage 2,200 years ago. The P...View Details»

Ahmadinejad Asks World Powers To Be Polite... 05/02/2009 History
(SPACEWAR) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad asked world powers on Thursday to be "polite" in dealing with Tehran, a day after diplomats from si...View Details»